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Before you decide to hire an immigration consultant, you should make sure you qualify according to the Canadian immigration point based system.

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Using our services will make the whole visa application process simple and hassle free. Our Consultants will help you comprehend the various types of programs, and how to obtain Canadian permanent residency. Moreover, we will ensure suggesting the best category stream suited for you.

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30 Sep
Canadian immigration...

new canadian immigration office will be opened in Barcelona by the end of 2013. Stay...

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Why fix it if it ain’t broke

The Conservative government recently announced changes to the employment insurance system that may impact the opportunities for temporary foreign workers. Human Resources Minister Diane Finley recently stated “Bringing in...

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The Kenney way: right or wrong...

Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, has been undaunted in his zeal to adjust many aspects of the Canadian immigration system. Is he doing the right thing? There is no simple answer. Several...

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