A New Concept

A new concept in immigration and temporary worker application: Have foreign governments do the work for us. Here’s a thought: Instead of CIC doing all the work trying to get the best candidates to come to this country, why not have the foreign governments come up with a list of individuals that are available for emigration or temporary work permits and have their approved applicants at the ready for call-up to Canada?

The concept is simple. When there is a need to fill a job in Canada (via LMO), the CIC in cooperation with the employer, accesses a list of potential candidates from a list supplied by foreign governments, and chooses the person(s) for the job and requests the foreign government to put the candidate on a plane to Canada.

It’s in many foreign governments’ interest to supply a list of skilled and upright individuals so that they may come to Canada to work and send money home, or to immigrate to Canada and reduce the already high unemployment rate in their country. Canada will have basic pre-requisites for candidates: security checks, language ability, age, etc. Once those applicants meet those needs, next is their individual skill set and position(s) sought listed on their application.

It’s in the foreign governments interest not to send us “troublemakers” or those that would burden the social programs of this country. If they did that, they could stand to lose their “favoured nation” status as a supplier of immigrants and workers. Countries that could actively coordinate such a program include: Spain, with its high unemployment, Philippines, with their need for income sent from abroad, and other countries that would like to rid themselves of undesirables like religious minorities, homosexuals, racial minorities, etc.

The money saved by transferring the bulk of the work in fulfilling the economic needs of Canada via immigration would be substantial. CIC would instead be concentrating on processing refugees, family sponsorships, and work-visa extensions. The foreign applicant would need to meet the requirements for necessary funds to establish themselves (with or without the help of the potential employer or other sponsor) in order to facilitate a smooth transition into this country. CIC would send a request to the foreign embassy or other agency to prepare the applicant(s) for their journey to Canada, and if that person has changed their mind, to communicate with CIC (and with the employer in need) in choosing another candidate.

The result would be a great reduction in the number of civil servants needed to process applications and the waiting lists to come into Canada would be reduced substantially. The onus would be on the foreign government to provide Canada with a workable arrangement that would be effective and beneficial to both countries. Lawyers and immigration consultants would be utilized more so in the nation of origin rather than the nation of destination. The resulting cost to the potential immigrant (because of monetary value differentials) would therefore be reduced. The need for more qualified immigration consultants in Canada would also be reduced…oh, wait… nevermind.

William Howie
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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