Adoption and Immigration

As I hear the news this morning that 49 Syrian children in Houla were massacred and executed with bullet holes found in their heads, I immediately think

“Why can’t Canada bring these children from Syria and place them for adoption or perhaps foster homes?”

Is this an easy task, I would think not but there must be a way!

It is not an easy process to adopt children, ask someone who has been through it, however many childless parents would welcome any child to take care off so why can’t Canadian Immigration step in and make brining these kids to Canada a priority. What did these children do to deserve such an ending? Even if families just took care of these children until they are able to be reunited with their parents or families (if they are still alive) but at least they deserve the right to live. It would not be easy to remove the children and my thoughts are only for their safety and the chance to have a life. Movie stars are able to adopt and move through immigration processing papers rather fast because they have the funds to do so but it should be an easier process for the rest of us as well; I’m speaking primarily about children from war torn countries such as Syria. The UN High Commissioner for human Rights must be able to negotiate with the Syrian government on this matter while Canada could make exceptions from an immigration stand point. This “exception to the rule”, I think, should be for any children that face such torture and war.

What about children of illegal immigrants? It is not the fault of the children that they would be in such a situation since it is the parents that decide for the children but on the other hand honest immigrants who come to North America to make money to send home are only fooled by their employers. When caught they are sent to jail as illegal immigrants and the children are caught in the middle. Can these children be adopted and should they be returned to the parents when released from jail and deported? For younger children the adopted family would be the only family they’ve known. How do you explain to a child he will be going to another country and when if you call me (the adopted parent), I can’t come get you!

Immigration Canada must step in, and always thinking of the safety of the children, and should have compassion towards these children. Children are the future of our country and all measures should be taken to protect them but no doubt decisions to be made about such cases are not easy and each case must be dealt with very careful. Let’s not forget that humanitarian and compassion cases have been granted to some immigrants who fled to Canada deciding not to fight a war so it should be shown and granted more to these children of war!

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    Kate wrote...

    I agree! I am in agreement with the fact that these children should be allowed to stay with their natural parents however you hear of so many stories of Syrian children being left on the streets in Lebanon or sent to various organizations like Save the Children with stories of family abuse and poverty.Could there not be an easier way to help these children here in Canada then to have them roam the streets of Beirut or be turned away from organizations that are completely over capacity ? Please let us help as Canadians !! Send these kids over here ASAP!!!! Or perhaps we will have to go there as concerned citizens.

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