Advantages and disadvantages of Super Visa in Canada

Super Visa has some advantages and disadvantages simultaneously for the prospective immigrants and their sponsors (Canadian citizens and permanent residents).

In the time of this economical crisis’s countries around the world are trying to put off the extra burden so this is one of the few steps so it’s a good idea for the countries to stop the immigration of people who are nonproductive for the country and more to it, they add to the additional burden on the host country. Generally, these types of applications for Permanent Resident status in Canada take almost 7 years to be processed and currently Canadian immigration policy has changed its provision in this concern.

On November 4, 2011, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister have limelight the plan of Federal Government of Canada in concern of temporary pause for the PR applications of Parents and Grandparents. The pause comes into effect on November 5, 2011 to November 5, 2013.

Hope this two-year moratorium will perform a significant role to reduce the waiting time and blockage in the PR application as well. The time has come to stop the pressure of waiting time of the applicants also the visa officer’s workload. It is a beneficiary not only to the system but also in favour of old age people who are already waiting for seven-year long wait unnecessarily. Subsequently, if it is not done yet, the processing period without taking any action will be exceeded.

Immigration policy has introduced the Super Visa program for that kind of family class. According to this new law, a Sponsor can apply for ten years visitor visa application for his or her parents or grandparents and application will be decided within eight weeks if an applicant fulfills the requirements under the Immigration Law in Canada. In addition Super Visa facilitates single entry in Canada for ten years upon the applicant’s preference or otherwise for two years for each entry. Previously, multi entry visa was provided multi entry which last up to six months for each entry.

In my point of view, it is a very good policy that will help the process to be fast and less burden full. As we all know, 165,000 applications are pending to be decided, more to it 40,000 new applications have been filling every year from the different part of the world. Permanent resident status has been replaced in Super Visa by which one can come within eight weeks instead long eight years wait.

Super Visa applicants must meet the requirement of private health-care insurance for their stay in Canada. Now the big questions are:

  • What type of health insurance will satisfy the requirements?
  • Whether or not super visa holders will be eligible to apply for provincial health care?

Conditions for the provincial health care vary from province to province.

Applicant must have and maintain comprehensive travel medicinal insurance for the stay period in Canada. According to new policy, neither Federal government of Canada nor the provincial/territorial government of Canadian provinces/territory in which applicant wants to stay during their visit can be held liable for applicant‘s medical fees and expenses. Upon the entry to Canada, the applicant must be able to provide proof of his or her insurance to the port of entry officer. Insurance must cover health care, hospitalization and repatriation.

Though super visa may help to make the process fast, but a big obstacle is price tag set for the mandatory health insurance required under the program for the middle-class immigrants. Expected personal health insurance depending on the company as well age and medical history of the insured person. It generally costs for individual insurance approximately $2,000 to $4,000, which is hard to afford for the common man.

I don’t think people are willing to pay for unnecessary instead of paying for their health insurance. There is another question involves regarding the applications is that sponsors must have produce within 90 days sponsored applicant’s personal information and documentation. Lots of information and materials included birth certificates. Some parents were born a long time ago and don’t have birth certificates so it is possible they may not be able to get it on time, therefore letter also warns against the delay of the documents in result of failure the application, and the applicant will be considered as not interested any more to be an immigrant.

We cannot ignore the benefit of super visa granted in less than eight weeks instead of long years’ wait, allows parents and grandparents to spend extended periods of time with their loved ones in Canada, while at the same time help to protect the Canadian taxpayers. Super Visa also promotes immigrants those who have to wish to stay longer than six months.

It is really hard to make a fair decision in favour or against it. However, one thing comes out that people who can afford and willing to sponsor their parents and grandparents can fulfill their dream now without paying extra tax and excess of waiting process period of Permanent resident. They have a single obligation to meet the requirements is private health insurance coverage hospital charges and repatriation. Condition of renewing the super visa every two years also imposed may be a disappointed term.

People who are already in the queue now become the handicap after introduced this policy because one side, they are fed up with the processing waiting period of approval their applications, and on the other hand. They cannot take benefit of this golden opportunity.

In fact, the burden is still on the sponsors as earlier he or she was responsible to pay extra tax for the waiting period. Once the application granted sponsors becomes free from the liability, though he/she at the same time in commitment to the government for take care of sponsored, but now they have to be responsible for the health insurance of the sponsored person during the stay in Canada. Insurance cost is a huge obstacle to be free mind for a middle-class.

Conclusion is that, decision not to take the new applications for Parents and grandparents by CIC from 5 Nov, 2011 until 5 Nov, 2013 definitely come up in advantage for the system and applicants respectively. This may thus be so said that the modern system will be good for both the host country and the people applying for immigration in Canada.

Narinder Kaur Sindher
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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