Canada skilled workers and professionals

The rules for applying as a federal skilled worker can change from time to
time without notice, contact us in order to get answers to your questions.

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The Federal Skilled Worker program has a new eligibility stream that is open to international students who are
pursuing or who have completed doctoral (PhD) studies at Canadian institutions. Create a free account
to access all latest immigration opportunities and requirements.

Do you qualify?

An application is eligible for processing if:

  1. Have at least one year of continuous full-time (or equivalent part-time) paid work experience in the past 10 years in one of the 29 qualifying occupations. (The Second set of Ministerial instructions issued on June 26, 2010, introduced a number of changes, including an updated list of occupations in addition to annual limits to the no. of applications to be considered for processing”(Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2011).
  2. Qualify for Arranged Employment with a full-time permanent job offer from a Canadian Employer.
  3. Be an International student enrolled in a PHD PROGRAM in Canada (or graduated from a Canadian PHD program within the past 12 months).
  4. It is noteworthy mentioning that the applicant must have sufficient settlement funds
    to support themselves and their dependents after arrival in Canada.

Don’t forget!

If you are applying under one of the 29 eligible occupations, as of July 1, 2011, a maximum of 10,000 federal skilled worker applications will be considered for processing in the following 12 months. Within the 10,000 cap, a maximum of 500 Federal Skilled Worker applications per eligible occupation will be considered for processing each year. PhD applications are subject to a separate annual cap of 1,000. These limits do not apply to applications with an offer of arranged employment.

Point base system

A point system is used to assess the applicant’s ability to become economically established in Canada. Currently, a pass mark of 67 points will generally indicate that an applicant is qualified to immigrate as a skilled worker subject to complying with the Ministerial Directives, issued on June 26, 2010.It is important to note that the pass mark is subject to change.


We offer a self-assessment tool that shows whether a person would qualify as a skilled worker or not.
Moreover it will help us give you the best advices we can based on your situation

The table below illustrates the selection factors and the corresponding points that are awarded
pertaining to each criterion. For more information, please consult Canada skilled workers immigration point based system article.

Selection Factors Points Awarded
Education 25 – Maximum Points
Proficiency in English and / or French 24 – Maximum Points
Experience 21 – Maximum Points
Age 10 – Maximum Points
Arranged Employment 10 – Maximum Points
Adaptability 10 – Maximum Points
Total 100 – Maximum Points
Pass mark 67 points

It is noteworthy mentioning that each factor / criteria must be assessed /evaluated in order to ensure that the potential applicant is awarded the correct number of points and consequently will be considered qualified to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Category.

How to apply?

If you are considering making an application for permanent residence under the Skilled workers and professionals and wish to benefit from the assistance of a lawyer during this process, please contact us for further information.

If you wish to apply to the Skilled workers and professionals on your own, your application should include:

How we help you?

Let’s provide a list of instances whereby our consultants can offer advice and guidance:

If you are unsure which program/stream to apply under and need help deciding

If you think you are “borderline” against the eligibility criteria (such as the points score) and the decision could go either way

If you are concerned about being inadmissible on medical grounds or you or any of your family members have a medical condition that you think could be an obstacle

If you (or any of your family members) have a past criminal conviction (or caution) or are concerned about being inadmissible on grounds of criminality or need to apply for rehabilitation

If you have children from a previous marriage that you want to take to Canada and there are any custody issues or concerns

If you are sponsoring a “common-law” or conjugal partner and need to prepare evidence to establish your relationship is genuine

If you want to apply under a Business immigration route and need help establishing that you have managed a “qualifying business” or help preparing plans and other evidence of your intention to establish a business in Canada

If you have dependent children who are in common-law relationships or they are over 22 and you are concerned about whether they still meet the definition of “dependent” children

If you want to obtain a Work Permit without HRSDC confirmation or a Work Permit to be self-employed

If you are applying as a Skilled Worker but aspects of your education or work experience are unusual or undocumented; for example you were home-schooled or gained a qualification in an accelerated manner worked in an occupation that meets the criteria but it was part-time or you had a misleading job title etc

Of course there are many more situations, the above are just examples of areas that can become obstacles to immigration if they are not handled and dealt with correctly. Always refer to us for advice and guidance.