Canada is a worthy place to immigrate

The appeal to immigrate to Canada from countries throughout the world is largely contributed to the reputation Canada has, is recognized for and established for itself. Known for its multi-cultural diversity, vast ethnicities and having the ability to contribute and participate in society economically and socially it is no wonder Canada is one of the top desired places to immigrate.

Not only is it still worthy for immigrates to seek entrance into Canada but it is more beneficial for Canada to have them interested in and allowing them to settle here.

Foreign nationals immigrating to Canada is a key contributing factor to Canada’s economy and helps to secure economic growth. We have seen this practice used in the past history when Canada allowed all individuals entrance into Canada to meet the demands of the labour market. By allowing this not only was work completed which Canadians refused to do, but also increase economic activity, demand and financial growth. Today we are struggling to meet the economic demands and resulting in a Canada wide labour shortage. Luckily the government has recognized this labour shortage both in skilled and unskilled professions and has developed different programs and procedures to assist with the immigration of individuals.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada plays a key role in granting entrance to immigrants into Canada. It is the gateway for individuals to apply through the unskilled and/or skilled professions as well as assist employers with temporary foreign workers. In a challenging work force Service Canada has developed many programs to assist with the labour shortage. Employers can submit a labour market opinion (LMO) requesting the entry of a foreign national to fill the labour shortage under the temporary foreign worker program. Service Canada will assess the employer’s application ensuring the prevailing wage, working conditions and acceptable working conditions are being offered. Also taking into account that the local labour market will benefit from hiring a foreign worker. Another option is the NAFTA agreement between Canada, United States and Mexico which allows Canadian foreign workers to obtain a work permit as long as the profession is named in the agreement.

Many factors must be considered when an individual decides to leave ones country. Hard decisions must be made which not only affect oneself but also their well-being. Most people choose to immigrate to Canada desiring a better life, education for their children, health care and opportunities. All of these opportunities exist for individual to be successful.

Many programs offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada assist immigrates with language training, settling, participating in society and contributing economically. Once an individual has been here for three years they can apply for permanent residency which when obtained allows then to be a landed immigrant. Once the 2 year requirement is met for Canadian permanent residency the individual can apply for Canadian citizenship. This opens many new doors. Canada believes in reuniting family therefore has established a family class sponsorship program which allows individuals to sponsor relatives living abroad. Not only does this program bring family back together but adds economic and population growth in Canada.

Under the Refugee and Immigration Protection Act (IRPA) individuals who are escaping persecution, torture, cruel and unusual punishment can apply to stay in or migrate to Canada seeking protection from their native country. A review is done on their case and if successfully they are granted entry into Canada through Canada Boarder Services. Once granted entry, these individuals have the same opportunities in Canada to be safe, successful and a contributing force in the Canadian society.

My aunt accessed this program while she was living in Kenya. She was widowed at the age of 32 with two small children, came home one day and found her mother in law murdered and her house burglarized. She applied to Canada under the Refugee Act as she was alone in an unknown country and fearful of her life. Residing in Canada was not only her family and friends; it was her security and peace of mind. As 27 years have passed she is not only in debt to Canada for providing her with the freedom, security and the well-being of her children, Canada gave her life.

There is no doubt in my mind that Canada is a worthy place to immigrate. Not only is it a beautiful country full of culture, nature and job opportunities it’s a great place to raise a family. The opportunities which exist in Canada are far greater than any country. No place is perfect, but health care for the rich and poor, social programs and non – violence makes it a desirable place to live.

For a secure and stable economy for Canada’s future it is necessary for Canada to adopt the open door policy for skilled and unskilled workers who meet the criteria and continue to grow our business and become a global leader. Immigrants are contributing to the success of Canada socially, technologically and economically. As long as Canada is booming the need for individuals will be there. In return, these individuals are also assisting Canada lower its deficit.

Living in Canada gives me a sense of pride and admiration. I remember watching the 2010 Winter Olympics and was left with a great sense of pride that when it’s time for Canada to shine we always pull through and the whole nation was behind the success of our athletes. Togetherness. This is the reputation we carry throughout the world.

Monica Kaura
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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