Canada, still a favourite destination of many immigrants

Immigration, a cornerstone of emergence of Canada as a nation, has been a policy used by the Canadian government to develop its national, regional and economical interests. Since the times natives settled here, then arrival of French and later British settlements, waves of immigrants have been coming to this land of opportunity. Immigration to this country was managed , primarily to develop and populate vast stretches of this country, British immigrants were always preferred but as needed white European immigrants were also encouraged to immigrate whereas restrictions were put to limit non-white immigrants, that included Chinese, Japanese, east-Indians, and black Americans.

The immigration act of 1976 changed the scenario, when fundamental objectives of Canada’s immigration policy were clearly laid which was non-discriminatory, which introduced refugees, family, assisted relatives and independent immigrant categories. Afterwards immigrants from all over the world have been coming to Canada seeking a better life. Canada has attracted immigrants for its economic opportunities, high standards of living, peace, just and lawful society and socially welfare policies.

Although there has been many changes in Canadian immigration policy lately, Canada is still a favourite destination of all immigrants and justly so. Canada is one of the most peaceful country in the world, which provides new-comers with a just and lawful society, where there are ample opportunities for people to progress and live their lives enjoying all the rights and freedoms given by Canadian charter of rights.

New Canadians enjoy all the freedoms as Canada encourages multiculturism and every Canadian is free to practice, promote and celebrate their own religion, language and culture. They enjoy the Equal rights to education and work. The law of land does not discriminate on basis of race, colour, creed ethnicity or country of birth.

There are in some barriers that newcomers to Canada face in pursuing their intended professions, as they are restricted by not having Canadian experience, their educational and professional credentials not recognized, and requirement in professions for upgrades to match Canadian credentials. Although it has been difficult for professionals to pursue their carriers because of these problems, government is working aggressively to make the transition to easier recognition of foreign credentials to help people in different professions.

Canadian government puts in a lot of efforts to ensure that the new Canadians are integrated into the Canadian society by running many settlement programs where newcomers are given free English language training, counseling and training for employment, assessment of foreign credentials and other community based services.

Prabodh Pathak
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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