Canada welcomes migrants from all over the world

Canada being the second largest country in the world has the history of welcoming migrants from all over the world. It is the immigrants which makes Canada’s culture rich and vast. It is a nation with both English and French as its official languages. Canada being one of the world’s most highly developed nation has a growing economy which is mostly depended on its natural resources and trade. It is the Immigrants that play a major role in shaping Canada’s economy and so Canada has been welcoming new migrants since centuries from all over the world.

As myself being immigrated to Canada under skilled workers category. I feel that it is worth living in Canada. Canada being a land of opportunities and economic prosperity; it provides many facilities to its people like affordable education for children, world renowned health care, retirement schemes, clean and safe environment. All these facilities contribute to high standards of living in Canada. Although tax rates are high but all the taxes are visible. Government shows all the taxes on the bills, so manufacturer’s cannot increase the price of their product to compensate. Canadian dollar is growing day by day therefore helping economy to improve and trying to improve its economic status which was affected by recession.

There are thousands of people that emigrate to Canada every year via student visa, work permit, visitor visa, skilled worker category etc. and contribute in economic prosperity. All these immigrants are attracted by equal opportunities as well as high standards of living.

In the skilled workers categories, Canada has attracted professionals like doctors, nurses, professors, etc. which play a great role in economic prosperity. Canada has been a favorable place for the professionals. These immigrants are highly paid by the government as well as a job security.

Canada has one of the highest standards of living in the world. The public health system is equal for everyone, whether rich or poor. It has world renowned doctors from all over the world. The health coverage is free. Emergency facilities and hospital services are great. Everyone is treated equally. This place is free from racism. People from all over the world no matter from which cultural background they belong, are welcomed by government of Canada. After meeting the minimum necessary criteria set by CIC, a person is welcomed in Canada.

Since the history of immigration it is seen that Canada has been a favorable place for the refugees. Canada has provided shelter to thousands of refugees that suffered in their country due to war or life threatening situation. Government has granted immigration to thousands of people under humanitarian and compassionate grounds. These people have got equal opportunities in Canada like any other immigrants have got.

Although there is no county which we can say is free from crime; whereas crime rate in Canada is less as compared to other countries like Australia, where crime rate is so high that people fear they might be killed at any point of time. Rules and regulations are very strict regarding violation in Canada. A person with criminal background is inadmissible i.e. he is not allowed to enter Canada with criminal background or if he has committed an offence outside Canada which is considered an equal offence in Canada, is inadmissible to Canada.

Certain programs are set by government of Canada to control fraudulent conducted by people to get admitted to Canada. To cut down on spouse sponsorship fraud, CIC has put a new requirement, where any new immigrant to Canada sponsored by a spouse must have five year of permanent residency status before they can sponsor a new spouse. Such measures are being taken to control fraud in the country.

Large amount of money is spent by people for immigration to Canada. It is considered a favorable place for immigrants as compared to other countries like Australia, New Zealand etc. It provides social services like unemployment insurance, welfare and government pensions, etc.

Poonam Mann
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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