Canada’s Asylum System Reforms: Are they fair?

Bill C-11 and Bill C-31 are coming at a time when Canada celebrated 25th anniversary of the famous landmark “Singh Decision” in its Immigration history. These bills take the Canadian Refugee System back to 1977 and opens up more loop holes to take advantage from.

Bill C-31 gives the power to a minister to designate a group and incarcerate them for 12 months without judicial review.

Does it not violate the rights of refugees?

The Bill also designates countries of origin. Though it is okay to assume that some countries are considered safe and they provide protection to its citizens but it is not okay to assume that there cannot be exceptions; that one’s life cannot be in danger if he/she is a citizen of “safe country”. Human rights violation occurs in every country and they should be given right to appeal like all other refugee claimants. When there are different rules for treating refugees from different countries, will there be equal justice for all?

The most absurd issue under this bill is that the minister can order cessation of the permanent residence of a person who is no longer considered a refugee because the conditions in his country have now changed. What will happen to tens of thousands of refugees in Canada who made successful claims and have considered this country as their home for several years? Will they all be deported back? Will it be humanitarian to uproot them?

The bill is coming into force in June 2012 and there are major issues that need to be addressed so that Canadian society is not made vulnerable by taking wrong decisions by some bureaucrats who just want to play God!

Renu Goel
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


Bill C-31 will destroy key aspects of Canada’s refugee system

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