Canadian immigration consultants with good reputation and satisfied clients

Traditionally, a profession puts its client’s interest before its own. Canadian immigration Consultants should always envisage to maintain the highest standards of service and integrity. At sometime, a foreign national/prospective immigrant planning to immigrate to Canada will require the guidance/assistance of an immigration consultant to guide him/her towards a successful new step in his life.

The question before us is whether good practice results in a satisfied client?

The answer to the aforementioned question is undoubtedly yes, when an immigration consultant is completely devoted towards providing outstanding/extremely good service to clients by assisting them achieve their immigration goals and wishes; this is what really makes all the difference; when it comes down to a satisfied or unsatisfied client.

In Economics, utility is an

“economic term referring to the total satisfaction received from consuming a good or service”. 1

Utility = Satisfaction; this is no formula, it’s simply means that the crux of the matter is all about the service offered by consultants; satisfaction is achieved based on the quality of service. Canadian Immigration consultants don’t deal with products, it’s related to their service/practice; once again it’s all about quality/expertise this is what leads to good practice and consequently the result is a satisfied client.

The key word is Utility or Satisfaction; it’s an introspective subjective psychological phenomenon. This is what many of us learnt during our interaction with clients, it’s all about the client’s level of satisfaction. There is no doubt whatsoever, that satisfaction is subjective this is because we cannot deny the fact that it is strongly influenced by personal feelings or opinions towards results/outcomes pertaining to the practice/work of an immigration consultant.

If we look at testimonials posted on prominent Canadian Immigration firms websites, the first/primary thing that we look at are the comments of satisfied clients, we can’t deny the fact that a satisfied client’s testimonial can reinforce trust and experiences in a business service. But what is the true reason behind such a positive testimonial? The answer is simple and crystal clear; its good practice, the latter is what a client is looking for, providing superior/distinguished client service is one of the best ways/means to get repeat business by generating client referrals.

The immigration profession is built on referrals, when an immigration consultant understands the client’s true wants and specific needs; this is when your practice becomes impeccable which results in complete satisfaction on behalf of the client.

There is no greater advertisement for any immigration consultant than a completely satisfied client. The majority of clients will approach consultants by way of referrals from previous satisfied clients.

To exemplify the above mentioned point pertaining to referrals; according to an online surveyed conducted by Citizenship and immigration Canada;

“almost half (48%) of the respondents who sought help with their immigration application received recommendations by word-of –mouth from friends and family. Around one in five found help through an advertisement (22%) or on the internet (20%)”. 2

The horizontal column graph below signifies and illustrates an extremely critical point which is “referral”. But this leads us to the question of why do such friends/family refer prospective applicants/immigrants to Canadian immigration consultants?

The answer is clear; it’s good practice which is strongly linked and interrelated to satisfaction. Good practice on behalf of an immigration consultant is what builds reputation; a positive track record means more satisfied clients that have achieved their immigration goals by retaining/selecting a competent/bonafide consultant.

Retaining an immigration consultant is an important step towards achieving a client’s immigration goals/objectives. Good practice on behalf of an immigration consultant involves providing the best treatment/advice to a prospective client. No client wants to be a “guinea pig” particularly when it comes to dealing/handling critical legal and Canadian immigration issues or matters pertaining to immigration. Experience, good practice and a passion to strive for excellence is what leads to positive results and a satisfied client.

It is noteworthy mentioning that good practice and reputation is essential specifically when it involves

“specialized issues as refugee status, appeals, deportation etc, just any consultant won’t do; you need to choose a consultant who has developed-acquired “special expertise” in Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration law”. 3

Mastering in an area of expertise and having a proven track record pertaining to successful cases/applicants is what ensures satisfaction on behalf of any client; whereby this will certainly mean that a foreign national/prospective immigrant is in “safe hands”; as they are fully aware that the consultant in question is looking out for their interests and ensuring that the client(s) is/are completely satisfied with the service rendered or offered.

Immigration/Refugee Cases such as the Slave Ship Case 4, Hinzman Case 5 and the landmark decision in the Ward Case 6, and many others provide an answer to our question, such consultants/lawyers that have acted on behalf of their clients before the Immigration and Refugee Board will always be well-remembered by their clients, this is what consultancy/good practice is all about, achieving objectives, safeguarding/looking out for interests of your client, ensuring that at the end of the day the client leaves with a smile; a sign of satisfaction that whenever a friend or family member needs assistance/guidance in any matter/issue; this is what drives client loyalty, the value that a consultant has added, the degree of trust that has developed; always going the extra mile to attain/achieve the target or goals; this is only achieved by good practice which leads to integrity and reliability.

The impact of a client’s loyalty is something that is impossible to overlook, to rephrase the better the practice the more satisfied the client which means loyalty to the consultant and eventually referral.

At the end, reputation is what counts and matters, reputation is priceless, and this is based and linked to delivering the best practice and optimal result by an immigration consultant; satisfying a client/prospective immigrant is not a simple process; it certainly requires effort, dedication and perseverance on behalf of any consultant that wishes to embark on such a path that will lead to outstanding outcomes and satisfaction for the client.

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. Vince Lombardi 7

Ahmad Al-Azem
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


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