Crooked immigration consultants and good immigration consultants in Canada

How do you define crooked Consultants? Are they referring to the Immigration Consultants of any country? I can’t even define crooked Consultants nowadays. Immigration Consultants in Canada are accredited immigration representatives who provide services to individuals seeking advice to navigate immigration issues in residence and visa applications, or refugee claims. As we all know, Bill C-35 was introduced to crack down on crooked Immigration Consultants. Bill C-35 strengthens the rules governing those who charge their clients for immigration advice or representation, making it an offence for anyone other than an accredited immigration representative to conduct business for a fee. Is it only in Canada that they have to crack down crooked Immigration Consultants? Consultants in other countries whom they called themselves “Immigration Consultants” don’t even need to take their Immigration course and exams, but are allowed to provide service for a fee. Is that legitimate? I guess… they have their own rules and laws.

News Gathered:

  • A family who immigrated to Canada some 14 years ago and who paid an immigration consultant $5,000.00 U.S. someone who pretended to be a registered member of the Law Society but who in fact a crooked consultant who took their money and provided nothing in return.
  • A consultant whose license had been revoked continued to practice as an Immigration Consultant. The consultant   deceived an applicant for providing no service and filed no paperwork and refused to refund the $70,000.00 fee they had taken.
  • An applicant lost his $90,000.00 for paying a consultant to bring his family members to Canada to work as labourers. Crooked Consultants who sell packages on how to create bogus proof of residency in order to obtain Canadian citizenship
  • Advertisement being circulated in Dubai by a crooked citizenship consultant offering to help people for a fee, set-up false evidence of residency in Canada to qualify for citizenship and advertised that this would yield the benefit of free healthcare, and subsidized tuition rates for post-secondary institutions.

Is it even fair to accuse the immigration consultants for being crooked consultants? In fact, consultants’ names were being exploited by applicants in order for them to get into Canada. There will be court hearings and the lawyers defending the accused. How do we even protect our good Immigration Consultants in Canada who are being exploited by these crooked immigration consultants and individuals with bad intentions? Is it really necessary for ICCRC to put the names of the immigration consultants on their website where unscrupulous individuals can access and exploit it by whoever goes to the website with bad intentions? The government needs to protect these good Immigration Consultants. Names are information and there should be privacy on this information where unscrupulous individuals can access at ICCRC website by just a “click” on it.

Check the ICCRC website.

The bill will also make the regulator more accountable, forcing it to share information with the government, which will ensure that it is accountable to its members and acting in the public interest, as delivered.

Sally McCulley
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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