Did you submit your application prior to February 27, 2008?

The heading says it all! The 29th of March is a day that will be well-remembered by every single foreign national.

“The Government of Canada announced on 29th March 2012 a plan to reduce the backlog of Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) applications by returning all applications and government fees submitted prior to 27th February 2008. This will amount to a total of almost 300,000 returned applications as well as approximately $130 million in refunded government processing fees”.

Why? How come? Reasons? What happened? Is that fair?

A never ending list of questions that even lawyers/consultants continue to encounter on a daily basis pertaining to the government’s unanticipated and shocking announcement. As simple as that, the government’s stance is clear, erasing is the only solution to end this so-called ordeal. Let’s erase and get on with our lives! Unfortunately to everyone’s dismay there is no “panacea”! According to the federal government such a step is crucial and is required; moreover it is considered a “transition to a faster and more flexible immigration system”.

There is no doubt whatsoever that faster is always better, we all dream of such a reliable and efficient system that can serve prospective immigrants. But what about the aggrieved applicants? The proposed solution is to erase, did the government even think about the repercussions?

Some have been waiting for years to get assessed and land on Canadian Soil; all of a sudden their hopes are “gone with the wind”.

For the majority of applicants this has been extremely upsetting and frustrating, some are still contemplating, others had no words to utter, engulfed with rage; unable to express or release their anger/temper.

In my personal opinion, the proposed solution by the government is being used as a pretext to simply “chicken out”. This will tarnish Canada’s image and seriously damage its reputation. The applicants/immigrants have been in transit for years, the government failed to take into account or consideration the applicant’s concerns as victims of their irresponsible and unfair policies/solutions.

It seems that it may not be immigrating to Canada, the government is moving on with their economic plan towards a better system that is beneficial to both Canada and the immigrant. As for the unfortunate applicants, the government has no remorse!

It is well-known that moving to Canada is not a right, it is a privilege, unfortunately sad but true, the majority have lost faith in the system and this heart-breaking news has left us all wondering whether the word “Just” exists in the Canadian Dictionary.

Nowadays many wonder whether Canada remains to be a nation of immigrants. Is it still a popular destination for thousands that have migrated from every part of the globe to settle, live and land on Canadian Soil?

I guess not, then again change is the only permanent thing in this world; for the time being we are left with no choice but to remain in a dormant state, despite the latter statement we still have hope that one day another Pierre Trudeau will come along.

Ahmad AlAzem
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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Canada Immigration News – Special Edition- Canadian Government Budget Slashes Immigration Backlog.

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