Enjoy visiting your family in Canada ith the super visa

Super Visa – Since November 2011, when Ottawa stopped accepting new sponsorship applications for parents and grandparents to halt the growing backlog which stands at about 168.000 pending applications; Super Visa has been touted as the “most generous” visa for travellers to Canada. Under Super Visa, the parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents can enjoy visiting their families in Canada for up to two years without the need to renew their status.

To qualify under this category, the applicant must be the parent or grandparent of the Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident and they must be found admissible to Canada along with meeting certain other conditions. The sponsor has to maintain certain minimum income threshold, get the Canadian medical insurance for applicant and also the applicant has to demonstrate their relationship with the Canadian host, pass the medical exam and demonstrate that they will leave Canada after their authorized stay in the country.

The introduction of Super Visa will allow parents and grandparents to follow a natural flow between Canada and other countries without creating an unnecessary burden on the Canadian taxpayer or spinning families into unnecessary stress. To sponsor parents for permanent residence in Canada, a certain level of income has to be maintained by the sponsor. Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents have been very desperate to have their families with them and to maintain the required income threshold, they have gone to certain lengths. Some have been working multiple jobs at a time; some have not planned their families as they are unable to care for their child and maintain the income; some have just been paying extra taxes and getting income from various sources. The prolonged processing of the permanent residence application for parents and grandparents had only added to the woes of the sponsors and had hampered their prosperous growth in many ways.

With the Super Visa, the sponsors can now relax and re-prioritize. This sure will ease the mental burden on them. It is true that supervise is no replacement of the permanent resident visa but it will prove better if the processing of permanent residence visa is going to increase only. At least the grandparents can spend time with their grandchildren and also help their children in bringing them up. Canadian Immigration’s claims of family reunification have been saved by this visa.

Super Visa has softened the blow of Kenney’s unprecedented freeze on sponsoring parents to immigrate. It has been made mandatory for all applicants to purchase the comprehensive Canadian medical insurance which has made this Super Visa “super disappointing”. On top of meeting the income requirements, the host family also has to pay for the insurance. The federal government requires that one year of $100,000 in health coverage for those 55 years and older has to be purchased up front which will cost at least $1,200 a year.

Furthermore, the insurance policies do not cover any pre-existing conditions. Now it is very unlikely that this requirement will be fulfilled by Canadians who are scraping by in low-paying jobs. There will be hundreds who will not be able to get it!

Super Visa became available all of a sudden in December after the permanent applications were stopped which makes one think it to be a ploy to distract the public from the government intention to completely eliminate the sponsorship of parents and grandparents, just as they did with the sponsorship of brothers and sisters, years ago.

Though Immigration department has claimed that there are 99% chances for parents to get the Super Visa but in reality the success rate has been only 33% so far. The claim was that the Super Visa applications will be processed faster on priority but the rejection rate has put the applicants and their host families in pickle. There is at least one news in the paper everyday which highlights rejected Super Visa application of someone’s parent without a valid reason and thus leaving the host family in a lurch.

The Canadian host should not be left with bearing the unnecessary burden of maintaining minimum income and also getting the Canadian medical insurance for the applicants. Super Visa feels like only people with money can afford one. It must be understood that the people who earn minimum wages are also happy and contend and they miss their families too. Parents and Grandparents are the most integral and necessary part of life and their support is needed and appreciated the same by all class of people. In my understanding, low income families need this support more desperately than the middle- or high-income families. High income families can visit their folks every once in a while back home but a person on minimum wages cannot afford to save enough to travel to their home countries along with their children. Many parents and grandparents have passed away with a fruitless hope to see their sons and daughters in Canada because of these harsh conditions on their arrival in Canada which has only added to the frustration and stress of Canadians.

Another drawback of Super Visa in regards to permanent resident visa is that visitors to Canada would not be able to work in Canada. Had they been a permanent resident in Canada they might have added to the income of their host families as there might have been some accompanying dependant with them. The Super visa can definitely prove to be a right step and this freeze can indeed ease the backlog given that the right conditions are imposed on the applicants and the process be made much simpler!

Renu Goel
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


    Shabana Yaser wrote...

    I m permenant resident in canada. my parents past since five years ago. That is why I want to apply super visa to my brother. And the other question is
    Can I apply super visa for more than two people at once.
    And what is the procedure
    And what are the criteria.

    kinaze wrote...

    Hello Shabana. One of our representative will contact you to discuss about your situation.

    Connie wrote...

    I already applied for supervisa for my parents 3weeks ago but am yet to buy the medical insurance.Will the supervisa be prolonged without the medical insurance and how can I send the medical insurance to the visa processing office in my country Nigeria after I have purchased the medical insurance?

      megrez wrote...

      One of the requirements for the issuance of a Supervisa is to have medical insurance at the time you submit your application.
      I suggest you forward the insurance to the Canadian consulate where you submitted the application

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