Federal Skilled workers urge investment into talents already in Canada

Overqualified Canadian immigrants


Thousands of skilled workers immigrate to Canada every year in search of better future and better living but surprisingly found that there are no jobs as per their skills and talents. Many professionals around the world gave up their jobs to immigrate to Canada but were unable to get the job in Canada as per their level of job earlier. Although, some Foreign trained doctors may be able to pass the exam but they were unable to secure a residency spot; which ultimately urge some of them to pass the American medical exams and go to the United States, where it’s much easier to get a residency spot.

I feel sorry for the physicians who after clearing the exam are unable to get a residence spot. The doctors before immigrating to Canada should research thoroughly about the limited practice system as well as employment opportunities and tax systems in Canada. After research, it was found that there is no physician shortage in Canada or anywhere in the world. The problem is that doctors do not want to go where they are actually needed. If people become physicians because they like to “help people” they should go where the people actually needs them. So, instead of finding fault with the government, the immigrant should have researched the options thoroughly.

I think it’s a shame to be ashamed of the work that one does for one’s living. So instead of feeling shame he should have maintained his well respected job in his country of origin. Residency spot is difficult to obtain not only for immigrants but also for Canadian educated physicians. Parents as well as the country invest lots of amount on physicians hoping to get good result in the form of well experienced physicians who intend to serve the people in need but in the reality the actually result that it gets is nil. Leaving a well reputed job in their country they move to Canada in search of better future but realistically they hardly get the job according to their skills and talents.

Foreign Credentials Referral Office has been established in Ottawa to tackle the problem of waste of immigrant’s skills. Pan Canada assesses and verifies the foreign credentials before the person arrives in Canada. Foreign Credentials Referral Office provides better licensing information to newcomers as well as launch orientation sessions for immigrants before arrival. This program will help the immigrants getting the whole required information like Canadian employment opportunities, Canada working environment etc. before a person actually immigrate to Canada.

Poonam Mann
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


Federal budget 2012: Skilled immigrants urge investments into talents already in Canada
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