Foreign criminal act

As the minister tighten the rules and introduces new initiatives surrounding human smuggling, cut back on health care services to refugees, eliminated the backlog of 280,000 foreign workers and the crackdown on corrupt immigration consultants in Canada he has introduced a new legislation intended to stop the delay of foreign criminals awaiting deportation.1

An individual may be inadmissible into Canada due to criminal activity, organized crime or human rights violations to name a few. However when individuals have been granted access into Canada they may get involved in criminal activities, putting a strain on the police and legal systems and jeopardizing the well-being of others in Canada.

Currently the rules are too lenient for criminals as they are using the lengthy appeal systems to delay their deportation and serve their sentence overseas. Individuals who have been convicted of their crimes in Canada have been able to delay deportation from six months to over a decade. Some have been walking freely as they wait for their appeal and court dates.

A good example of this delay tactic was used by Jackie Tran who is a convicted drug trafficker in Canada who was able to delay his deportation by five years. In 2004 Jackie Tran was convicted of drug trafficking of cocaine, followed by his involvement in high profiled gang related murders and attacks. Since no efforts have been made to rehabilitate himself and cut ties from gang related activity he is a threat to all individuals surrounding him. He used the humanitarian and compassionate grounds for his appeal saying he was the only provider for his mother who is unable to work and must take care of his step sister. However after exhausting all existing appeal process he has finally been deported.1

Jackie Tran came into the country when he was 13 with his mother and at this time he would have a good understanding of right and wrong. Ok so he got involved in the wrong crowd, where was his mother to guide him from right and wrong. In my opinion, Jackie Tran should not be the only one deported from Canada, so should his mother. As he has claimed he needs to stay in Canada to support and provide for his mother and step sister who are unable to work. Well no reason for them to stay in Canada and live off social systems in place. These social systems are and should be in place for law abiding individuals who have are making a positive contribution to Canadian society. As of yet, I have not seen or heard of them doing this and other Canadians should not be held responsible to support them.

Jackie Tran and other foreign criminals should not be shielded by the lengthy appeal process as they are a security and public safety risk in the communities. The Minister is taking the correct steps to protect and eliminate the on-going gang activities in Canada. Canada should not be seen as a safe haven for criminals rather a key player in eliminating the entry of foreign criminals.

Monica Kaura
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


1 Jason Kenney’s immigration revolution chalks up another success

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