Fraud and Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO)

An important question that is apparent  when discussing immigration is how can a person/foreign national migrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker; especially if his/her occupation is not in demand?

That’s when acronyms like AEO’s and LMO’s crop up and for many prospective applicants/foreign nationals it simply means obtaining or accumulating extra points by virtue of the AEO/job offer or a Work Permit as a Temporary Foreign Worker (LMO).

To a certain extent this is true, but what is an Arranged Employment Opinion?

The purpose of an Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO): is to have the Canadian government / Service Canada assess/verify the authenticity and genuineness of a job offer in order to qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Category (FSW); but nowadays it has become a pathway/gateway towards circumventing the CAP Policy in order to bypass it and land on Canadian Soil.

Lately, the Federal Government has encountered an unanticipated increase/rise pertaining to Arranged Employment Opinion compared to recent years. There is no doubt whatsoever than an Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) will help the applicant /foreign national obtain/gain permanent residency in Canada by virtue of the Adaptability criteria under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and it’s associated Regulations. But nowadays, with the federal government’s stringent policies/restrictions numerous recruitment Agents/Consultants and even lawyers have been using the acronym/abbreviation ‘AEO’ as a pretext to attract naive/gullible and desperate immigrants that have minimal knowledge pertaining to the Immigration process/system. Recently, a red flag has been raised by Canadian immigration officials pertaining to fraudulent job offers, by using the Arranged Employment Opinion. What foreign nationals/prospective applicants don’t understand/comprehend or lack cognizance of is the mere fact that issuance of a positive arranged employment opinion/confirmation does not guarantee acceptance or approval!

Certainly according to some consultants/lawyers this document would put the application to immigrate on the fast track! Moreover, it rarely happens that a positive AEO would be scrutinized or assessed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)! That’s when the applicant file moves/proceeds to the next step, whereby CIC’s task/duty shall involve ensuring/confirming the genuineness /legitimacy of the job offer; ultimately to discover that the job offer despite the issuance of a positive AEO by Service Canada is fraudulent. Certainly, such fraudulent job offers raise several concerns regarding responsibility, assessment and evaluation on behalf of Service Canada; whereby HRSDC /Service Canada have been given complete autonomy/responsibility to verify the authenticity and genuineness of such fraudulent job offers. Issuing a positive AEO opinion /confirmation even though it doesn’t guarantee acceptance still does raise the hopes of many naive foreign nationals that have been tricked or deceived and even outwitted by greater ingenuity on behalf of the consultants/lawyers that are fully aware of the inns and outs of the immigration system.

Service Canada must be extremely careful when dealing /assessing such dubious job offers, cause even though the consultants/lawyers/Recruitment Agents are involved, nevertheless part of the blame should be on HRSDC/Service Canada for failing to carefully/thoroughly assess the job offer. In many instances a positive opinion/confirmation has resulted in refusal/rejection by CIC which shattered the dreams of many credulous applicants that have been ‘duped’ under the ‘AEO’ as an easy route to Canada.

Ahmad AlAzem
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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