Good practices of certified Canadian immigration consultants

When I moved to Canada, I chose a family doctor who was on a walking distance from the place where I lived with my husband and children. At that time, it was just that the doctor was really close by. And now that we have moved to a different city and surprisingly enough my doctor has moved to yet another city, I have preferred to keep him as a beloved family member. I have to travel more than an hour now to see him and I get the argument all the times that I should change him but I give them the whole list of reasons why I want to keep him forever – no wait times, no false promises, appointments at my convenience, kids’ friendly staff. What more can you ask for?

The immigration consulting business in Canada is no different than the other businesses which require customer satisfaction at the end to have repeat business. Truly they say that one happy client will bring you 10 more but one unhappy client will take away thirty so nevertheless, this business is standing upon satisfied clients. A consultant can retain a few hundred clients by making tall claims but the chain reaction of getting new clients does not start unless those promises are kept well in time.

The foundation of the business of immigration consultation is based on results and the service provided to the clients. Below are some of practices that I think, I will be following to have satisfied clients should I become a certified Canadian immigration consultant.

All questions are welcome. I know many people who ask a hundred questions for the information but at the end retain another person. My solace is in the fact that I refreshed my memory/concepts with the client; cleared any doubts if I had any; and at some point in time this client may see the difference between his current consultant’s working and my efforts in answering his questions patiently. If my patience did not pay right away, it definitely will pay me in the long run.

I would make an extra effort to educate my clients and I am even thinking of putting up some seminars to make them understand the process under which they have applied or will be applying. If I tell them clearly that a particular step will take say 8 months, I can reduce the call traffic significantly in contrast to the situation where I give a false processing time and make the client impatient.

My understanding is that sometimes people keep on calling again and again till they can get an answer. They don’t mind giving 10 missed calls in a day (some wouldn’t even leave a message!) and ultimately getting frustrated as well as losing faith in their representative. I will try to answer all my calls in time and keep my appointments at all times. Well, maybe up to 95% of the time!

Nonetheless, the most important part of keeping clients happy is the result and the results can be expected only if due diligence was maintained at every step of the application – interviewing the client, consultation, representation, paper work, filing etc. Success of the migration consultant is attained with the hard work and attention to detail. And of course, success rate and new business go hand-in-hand.

What good my practice will be if the fee charged by me is not transparent? My office will have clear retainers and there would be no hassles for the clients in getting the refunds in case the terms and conditions outlined on the retainer are not fulfilled. I will, in fact instruct my accounts department to authorize the refunds after checking with the case manager about the progress of the particular case.

Howsoever, there may be some avenues missed in satisfying the client as what I think does not make any sense might be the most sensible thing for the client so suggestions and complaints would be welcome and corrective action would be taken at the earliest possible.

The motto of my business would be to happily let go of a prospective client than to advice him in the wrong direction to make a few bucks! After all, Good Practice is directly proportional to Satisfied Client.

Better the practice, more are the clients!

Renu Goel
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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