How we help you

Using our services will make the whole visa application process simple and hassle free.

Our Consultants will help you comprehend the various types of programs, and how to obtain Canadian permanent residency. Moreover, we will ensure suggesting the best category stream suited for you.

The reasons why you must not hesitate to use our help:

  1. Expertise and Knowledge from certified consultants.
  2. Hassle- free procedures.
  3. Rule-out unnecessary delays and refusals.
  4. Friendly Service/ advice.
  5. We have built our immigration firm on Four core values: Trust, Strength, Value for money, keep it simple.

To find out where you stand and satisfy yourself that we have the right experience and approach for you, get a free account, we are here to help.

Professional and certified consultants

Over the past decade our firm managed to develop a complex and thorough understanding of all areas/ topics related to immigration, ensuring that we continue to provide the best available services to our clients.

Complications such as past criminal records, concerns over medical conditions and many other worrisome matters are what we deal with on a daily basis. Here are a few examples of questions we might help you to answer:

Immigrating as a FSW?

The aforementioned are just a list of questions that many prospective applicants have no clue whatsoever about; that’s why they approach our firm, to seek our guidance and assistance.

Applying as an Investor, Self- Employed, Entrepreneur?

  • What is a facilitator?
  • What is net worth?
  • What is percentage of equity?
  • What is a qualifying business?
  • Passive investment?
  • Difference between Investor, Self- Employed and Entrepreneur?
  • What is a conditional visa?
  • How to calculate your points?
  • What is a promissory note?
  • What is a conditional visa?
  • How to determine intention, experience and ability?
  • What is significant contribution?

This is a list of some questions that our Consultant’s answer on a daily basis, pertaining to Investors, self-employed and entrepreneurs. Broad experience and knowledge of such programs is what we possess in order to ensure that the applicant meets the regulatory definition of the ACT (IRPA).


  • What is an undertaking?
  • Can I sponsor?
  • Which CPC is responsible for my application?
  • Inland v/s outland (overseas)?
  • Appeals?
  • Can I sponsor relatives?
  • What is Co- habitation?
  • What is a common-law partner?

Family reunification is the pillar of Canada’s immigration policy and a stated objective by virtue of Article 3 (d) of the IRPA. Sponsorship is not a simple process, our consultant’s will explain to you how, when and from where you can sponsor to facilitate reunion in Canada without any complications or obstacles.

Thinking of applying under the PNP?

Again many might ask why should we require the services of a Consultant?

  • Did you know that Canada has over 50 PNP's?
  • Did you know you can sponsor your relatives in certain provinces in Canada?
  • Faster process?
  • What is as Nomination Certificate?
  • Appeals?
  • Can I sponsor relatives?
  • What is Co- habitation?
  • What is a common-law partner?

When you start thinking about whether you qualify or not? That’s when our Consultants will provide you with the best and appropriate option(s) pertaining to your immigration plan to Canada. With over 50 streams available, we will assist you to investigate the right option for you.

Study Permits

Many students come to Canada to study/ attend Canadian Colleges / universities in order to obtain degrees/ diplomas and or certificates. So why do you need us?

  • Save your time and headache by filling out your applications.
  • Helping you gather supporting documentation.
  • Complete applications in a timely manner.
  • Unique relationship with many institutes, colleges and universities.
  • Assist International students to come to Canada.

But it is free anyways

The process of immigrating to Canada is one of the most important life experiences. One of the first questions that crop up when deciding to immigrate to Canada is shall I hire a Consultant or do I need a Consultant? A justifiable question, but the question that I ask myself when I'm sick is do I need a doctor?

Lets provide you with a typical scenario that our consultant's encounter on a daily basis; a prospective applicant approaches our firm and enquires about whether he/ she is eligible to apply to Canada? And it always happens that we get asked the same question" DO I need a Consultant"?

That's when the client is shocked with the answer which is "NO"! Instantaneously the client asks "Why not"?