Immigration Consultants: Good Practice, Satisfied Client

As an Immigration Consultant, good practice means to abide by the code of professional ethics. Maintaining your integrity, competency, obligations and relationship to your clients will give you credit in return and will lead you to success. As immigration consultants, the responsibility of relating to your clients is in your hand. Create good relationship with your clients and listen to them and focus on what they are trying to say. Practice common business courtesy in dealing with your clients, provide good customer service and try to see or look at the situation in their perspective as if you are in that situation. Treat your business clients the way that they want to be treated. Every time someone asks them if they know a good immigration consultant, your name will come up and they will recommend you to others. Word of mouth is the best way to expand your business, satisfied clients will not hesitate to refer you to other clients. Happy and satisfied clients tell their friends and families.

Canada’s laws and regulations in the area of immigration change more frequently than other areas, prospective immigrants need to select someone who not only keeps up with the latest developments but also can handle potential legal and bureaucratic complications. Clients must check the credibility of an immigration consultant before selecting the right person. In some cases, immigration process can be complicated and a client will need the aid of a competent immigration consultant for the many issues and procedures that not just anybody can handle and can put a risk to their application.

What your clients say about your service is very important. If you are getting frequent referrals, it’s an indication of your good practice, satisfied clients and their referrals. The demand for your services will increase and you will be able to charge more for the quality service you provide. Clients expect more value for their money. You want your client to say, “He or She is expensive but they’re worth it”. Good business practice dictates that you discuss costs with the client up front, before the work begins, and put it in writing. Having established the practice of discussing money matters open and frankly, you can raise the topic again when necessary.

Your satisfied clients, as products of your good practice are vital part of your marketing strategy. People feel more comfortable when a product or service is recommended by someone they know and trust. This is especially true if the service is expensive. A good consultant pays attention to individual’s situation and makes thorough assessment of their client’s case. Shows real interest with the client. Good consultants are not easy to find but successful applicants recommends good consultants. It will be represented in their track record and will show how reliable and competent a consultant is. They help people and have resources to do it. So a client must choose right and a consultant that provides competent services and good practice will have satisfied clients.

Referrals from satisfied clients can create a spark in your business that can boost your professional network. Building trust between you and your client is an important element for the success of your business and must be on top of your priorities in dealing with them. Clients put the most trust in a referral from professional and other satisfied clients. It will include giving updates about their cases, answering their questions and being upfront that you do not make the decision on their case. A good consultant is an advocate that will deliver the service in excellence and will value each client’s time and money and their relationship. One day, all the hard work and efforts you put in rendering high quality of services will result in a chain reaction from one single transaction. It can expand into the whole family, relatives, friends, other clients, and other relationship from the first one. The ultimate price of your good practice will produce more results than you expected and you can make it happen. The referral system can quickly multiply and will give you plenty of prospects. It will allow you to choose who you want to work with instead of having to take everything that comes your way. You’ll be able to focus on high-quality customers that are highly profitable for your business.

In every customer interaction that ends positively, there is a point of maximum satisfaction from the customer. The good consultant must determine when this point is and you’ll be amazed by how much new business you can bring in by referrals from happy clients. Mostly, all satisfied customers would be happy to provide a name or two upon request. It works all the time and most satisfied clients are willing to make referrals. Though a very effective marketing tool, referrals from satisfied clients can take time and effort but a good consultant must be patient and persistent in establishing their business. Good practice and maintaining their excellent standard of service will go a long way in helping an immigration consultant become successful.


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