Immigration Reforms 2012: Speedy Processing or Road back to 1945?

In the budget 2012, Federal Government’s decision to wipe out 200,000 pending skilled worker applications without processing to overhaul Canada’s immigration system has brought a wave of shock among the hopeful applicants who were waiting for decision on their application for many years now.

200,000 returned applications

Government is instructing these applicants to reapply and has thus given another example of the lack of integrity and short sightedness of the government. This action will definitely bring in a class action suit. What the government has failed to understand is the fact that it can refund the fees to the applicants but how it will return the lost years of applicants’ lives. Out of these 200,000 returned applications, many of them would have grown overage, many occupations would not qualify with the updated list and most of these prospective immigrants will just lose their trust in Canadian government and might never apply again.

Taking Canada immigration back to 1945

With this decision, the current government has indeed taken the country’s progress back to 1945 which was not best in the history of immigration. This decision has come at a time when the most needed thing was a step ahead in reforming the immigration system by reducing processing times and introducing new innovative ideas but instead it has now plummeted several steps down.

It is no hidden fact that the growth of this country depends solely on immigrants and Canada had been a country of choice around the world for prospective immigrants. Now anyone interested in immigrating to Canada will think twice whether to trust this government of not. One might end up wondering that their application may be returned after 10 years or so without processing or without even providing a valid reason for returning their application. Who would want to exhaust their other avenues after their fruitless wait to go to Canada?

Canada had indeed survived the great recession but now it has called this upon herself and it is pretty inevitable unless the government sees some sense and get its business back on track without further delays!

Renu Goel
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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