Innovative immigration approaches of Citizenship Immigration Canada

Since confederation, Canada has evolved into a multicultural society that boosts a unique national culture of increasing diversity and greater inclusiveness, making it one of the most richly diverse populations in the world. People have immigrate to Canada from every corner of the globe over several hundred years, and are still coming every day. They have come at different times, for different reasons, have lived in different places, and live as part of Canadian society as well as the global community. Canada is prosporous with all the immigrants, and it is still worthy for those people who wishes to relocate their life.

If you are a student rich in youth, ambition and determination, and you wish to complete your degree and actualize your dream in Canada, Canada might be worthy for you. Canada is faced with an ageing population, and relatively low birth rate. Canada needs to increase its pool of talented and skilled professionals. To strengthen the workforce, the Government of Canada has created a new way to immigrate. In 2008, the Federal government created post-graduation work permit program which is designed to provide graduating foreign students with Canadian work experience. Students may work in Canada for up to three years after graduation. In the same year, the Federal government created the Canadian Experience Class immigration category, which allows foreign students of Canadian colleges and universities and holders of Canadian work permits, preferential eligibility for permanent residence if they meet certain criteria. There are more than 130 thousand foreign students who come to Canada every year, and the Canadian Experience Class attracts the best and brightest students from around the globe and makes it easier for them to stay here.

If you are more sophisticated and have already accumulated some working experience and wish to relocate in Canada to actualize your dream, Canada might be worthy for you. The Federal Skilled Worker Program points system is about to be reformed to reflect the importance of younger immigrants with work experience and better Canadian official language skills. Citizenship & Immigration Canada has been trying to create an efficient, flexible and more responsive immigration system which better reflects and attends to Canada’s current labour market requirements. On March 31, 2012, Citizenship & Immigration Canada implement a heavy-handed stroke of policy reformation to reduce a supposedly insurmountable backlog of stale Federal Skilled Worker applications currently in process within the Canadian immigration system by simply erasing them – all applications received under the Federal Skilled Worker immigration program prior to February 27, 2008, will be returned to applicants along with a full refund of the processing fees paid. Understandably, this has caused a considerable amount of indignation by those applicants who will have their applications and processing fees returned to them through no fault of their own. However, an applicant who may have qualified under the FSW Program prior to February 27, 2008, would most likely not be able to qualify under present requirements due to the multiple changes made to the FSW Program in accordance with Canada’s ever-changing labour market. In another words, the skills, occupations, labour shortages and occupations Canada has sought to identify and fill in past years are drastically different from what the 2012 economic landscape demands in order to facilitate Canada’s economic progress in the future. The changes to the FSW Program are necessary in order to move forward with processing new applications received under newly introduced criteria. This will not only benefit Canada, but also benefit the applicants. We do not wish to see the PHD holder drives Taxi, or the professor works in a bakery shop, which is huge loss and hardship of themselves and an enormous human resource waste for the whole world. People arriving here are to pursue a better life in Canada, and they should be able to integrate into the society pretty soon and start to enjoy their life quickly.

If you are already very successful, a genius like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, and wish to relocate in Canada to expand your business realm, Canada might be worthy for you. Canada’s economic fundamentals, advanced economy, effective government and relative cost advantages provide a first-rate business environment. Meanwhile, Citizenship & Immigration Canada updated federal business immigration programming related to investors and entrepreneurs. On June 24, 2011, the Minister is introducing a cap of 700 on new federal investor applications. Although the year before, CIC made changes that raised the minimum net worth and investment requirements, it continues to receive applications in excess of what is required. An annual cap on new applications will allow for progress on backlog reduction while ensuring that the Department has a sufficient volume of new files to meet its commitments. On April 18, 2012 Citizenship & Immigration Canada recognized the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship as a driver of the Canadian economy and developed a “start-up” visa that would link immigrant entrepreneurs with investors. This start-up visa initiative, one that would attract entrepreneurs who are rich in ideas rather than cash, is an example of the type of small-scale programs that would allow CIC to try innovative approaches to economic immigration. Under the proposed changes, the Government could create new, short-term programs under the Economic Immigration Class. These programs are about to transform Canada’s immigration system into a fast and flexible system focused on jobs, growth and prosperity.

If you are one of the forementioned, and have lots of relatives, all wish to relocate in Canada to actualize your dreams, Canada might be worthy for you and a better solution may lie in the Provincial Nominee Program. As the whole Canada is facing growing labour shortages, the federal immigration programs complement has reached agreements to empower employers, empower businesses who know better than governments which folks can work at their skill level upon arrival in Canada and best fit the province’s needs.

Since 2006 Citizenship & Immigration Canada has set about massively expanding the Provincial Nominee Program and making some other changes. There are a huge increase in immigration to the West, the Prairies, in particular, and to Atlantic Canada. Nationally, Canada gone from 5,000 admissions under the Provincial Nominee Program in 2005 to 45,000 planned for the year of 2011. In fact, immigration to Atlantic Canada has doubled, immigration to Manitoba has tripled, to Saskatchewan quadrupled and to Alberta doubled over the past five years.

The Canada government has been tirelessly transform Canada’s immigration strategy from generating political successes to bolstering the country’s economic and strategic interests. And it’s said by 2014, in about 18 months, Canada will have on a national level a just-in-time immigration system, which means that an applicant who applies in 2014 will get an answer on whether they come in that year. Undoubtfully, all these reforms will be to the best interests for those future applicants who meet Canada’s needs, because they will not necessarily wait for years without knowing the results of their application.

Jolly Yin
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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