Kenney’s Way: Right or Wrong?

When last year the minister announced the temporary pause on sponsoring parents in Canada for two years, it seemed like a good idea and a thoughtful step in streamlining the process. After all what sense does it make to wait thirteen long years to have your parents with you? But now, after several other similar decisions, the minister’s incompetence is coming into lime light.

Mr. Kenney used his power to return approximately 300,000 applications under skilled worker category which were received before 2008. He did not consider the fact that those applicants were waiting for many years to hear a decision on their applications: accepted or refused. But none of them expected to get their application back after waiting long years for nothing. Canadian immigration earned a bad reputation due to this unjust decision; let alone the number of court cases it has ignited!

The minister has given yet another blow to the immigration system in Canada by temporarily putting a pause on the skilled worker category. Though most of the 300,000 applicants whose applicants got returned had lost hope but still some of them would have been hoping against hope to reapply when the intake of new applications start in July 2012. Doubtlessly, they would not now even dream of putting their feet on Canadian soil ever after they have been deceived not once but twice by the minister!

It looks like the minister is on some kind of mission here to close the country’s doors for everyone by introducing one policy after another. There is simply no stopping for him! He is on a spree of marring the Canadian Immigration and taking it back to its black history.

The Canadian Citizenship is not for sale, says Mr. Kenney. Of course, no country’s citizenship should ever be put on for a price but what steps are taken that the fraudulent applicants are screened even before they apply for citizenship? All the resources are being used to locate the ones who have acquired citizenship by unfair means but why these resources were not used when processing those applications at the first place? These kinds of decisions eat up the time and money and then the minister comes up with the idea of returning or pausing all kinds of categories to clean the mess.

Pausing the programs is not the solution. By doing so Mr. Kenney has demonstrated yet another avenue of his incompetence. Instead of spending time and resources in returning the applications, the wise decision should have been to increase the staff to clear the back log until the process was streamlined.

In addition to closing the doors for the skilled workers in Canada, he has put the lives of new refugees in danger by introducing the new bill under which all the refugee claimants in Canada will be put in jail until a decision is made on their claims. Now at some point, it is understandable for men, who are tough but this decision is totally inhumane for women and children. We should stop paying our taxes with immediate effect!

Minister could have gotten much applause if he had been wise enough to use his power intelligently but wiping away the board does not mean the underlying problem has gone away! He claims to save thousands of dollars by terminating the supplemental health benefits for refugee claimants, why did he not think of utilizing those resources in speeding up the process of these applications instead of returning them?

He is actually tearing the country’s economy apart by making such decisions when the country’s own growth rate is slim to almost none. Kenny has failed to see that Service Canada is issuing positive labour market opinions every day acknowledging the need for skilled as well as unskilled work force. This shortage is now going to increase many folds and if we look at the work permit issuance rate from CIC, it is less than 50%. I see more chaos and unrest between employers in the near future that would be unavoidable due to labour shortage in Canada.

Super Visa was introduced to unite families in Canada but ask your local MP – how many grunted immigrants they meet due to the visitor visa refusal for their parents? Mandatory medical insurance has added to the burden on common man but Super Visa has only proved to be one of the many tall claims of the minister.

It would be wrong not to mention the good deeds of the minister such as fast tracking the refugee system; taking away the supplemental health benefits from refugees when the Canadians do not get them; strict policies for fraudulent marriages etc. but the list of his wrong decisions (read misdeeds) goes on and on. Canada will have to pay very dear for the mistakes that Immigration Minister is making because the time is not far when we would need the labour desperately but there would be no one interested to come to our country in the whole wide world!

Renu Goel
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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