Manitoba provincial nominee programme

Objective of the Immigration is for the growth and development of economy of Canada. Manitoba province start their own nominee program under federal prevailing, which will based on province’s demand of special needs. It offer immigration based on general stream guys, international student, close relatives and family friends to come to Manitoba for settlement. Province of Manitoba ease out selection criteria to choose exactly according to the need of province.

Moreover Manitoba province upgrade selection criteria through online application which will cut short the time of processing and minimize the chances of mistakes and definitely less time consuming to the applicants. Paper application is also available to area where internet is not easily available. Age, education, work experience, adaptability of language and prefer to Manitoba work experience or education are basics to selection criteria… Manitoba province provides lot of support through various offices to new immigrants like introductory classes it which briefing introduction about Canada and province guide to get a job etc.


Skilled worker or general stream or other categories under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program applicant needs to be have a legal status in country of residence. Refugee claimant and persons with no status or illegal or not allow to apply under nay category of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Skilled worker are selected on age, education, work experience, language ability and your chance of settlement in Manitoba will be judged by given description of duties skills, work culture according to Canadian criteria. Permanent job offer, Manitoba experience and place of settle also played an important role for selection. Points can be increase by permanent employment offer letter from employer.

Skilled workers comes under direct employment stream they need either valid work permit for full time employment or worked for Manitoba employer for at least six months and a long term full time job offer by same Manitoba employer. Supporting letter from close relative friend can be added.

International student stream is based on post-graduation work permit received after completion of a post-secondary program in Manitoba. Full time job offer from Manitoba employer is needed where you have been working from last six months. Other criteria is like age, language ability and adaptability are the other factors. Province’s selection is depend upon how they establish their ties in Manitoba and intent to live, work and establish their carrier in this province.

Family support stream province for those people who are residence of Manitoba from at least one year wants to bring their close relatives or friends to Manitoba whom they think that they have the ability to establish in province and be a part of program of province. Place of sponsor’s living is also matter for people living in rural area provide more points to selected for province.

The applicant has to show their relationship with relatives, friends how long they know the applicant and how they can support them in settle in province. In close relatives evidence they have to provide a proof of close relationship by document like a passport, date of birth certificate etc. They have to provide a Manitoba affidavit of support indicating and intention and ability to support to applicant for successful settlement. Other criteria like age, education, work experience, employment and language abilities are same as for other class. Applicant has to authorize to disclose their information to their Manitoba close relative. Affidavit from two person needed for friendship support to applicant.

Selected applicants are provided with province nominee certificate. So they can apply to nearest consulate to get permanent visa. As indicated above Manitoba provincial program is running in an effective way and attract new immigrants to growth the economy and for the bright future of new immigrants.

Ajit Pal Singh
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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