Need for change in Live-in Caregivers Program application process

The Canadian Immigration offers a good program for live-in-caregivers where the applicants can apply for Canadian permanent residence after working for a certain period of time for their employers in Canada. By hiring a live-in-caregiver, the employer can contribute towards the country’s economy without the stress of caring for their children. Caregivers in Canada provide parents with ease of mind and are a great support to the parents in this fast paced environment. But the program is losing its charm due to its prolonged processing time periods.

One of my friends applied to hire a nanny a few years ago, labour market opinion was issued in about 3 months and the candidate applied shortly after that. At the time, employers’ kids were age 6 and age 10. Now the processing of the work permit for the nanny took four years at CIC Chandigarh. One of the kids was already overage by the time work permit application was processed. Moreover, the officer at CIC was not satisfied that the younger kid needs any caregiver now! Given that he already was age 10 and had an older sibling.

Question that arises here is that is it justified for the employer and the prospective employee who waited 4 long years to receive a refusal? Is a child age 10 big enough to be left on his own? Can the parents have peace of mind while their 14 year old is taking care of their younger one? Not always an adult is needed in the house to change diapers of the baby but he/she is needed to keep an eye on the kids as the incidents of abducting children has been rising throughout the country.

Now that the temporary pause has been put on the immigration for parents and grandparents, the need for a live-in-caregiver has arisen than ever. A few minor changes in the program are much needed so that the care providers can extend timely help to the families in need.

Renu Goel
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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