New Start-up Visa for immigrant entrepreneurs

Mr. Kenney’s consultation for a new “start-up visa” for immigrant entrepreneurs has come as a long awaited announcement from more than a decade and it is just the right step towards building a fast, flexible and economical immigration system for Canada.

This program will not only bring big bucks into the country but will also bring talent and create jobs for the local Canadians too. Canada can benefit largely from start-up visa as there are large number of business tycoons all over the world who have the resources and talent but the stringent immigration policies have barred them from entering the Canadian markets.

I sometimes wonder why the business tycoons like Tata’s and Ambani’s have never shown interest in the Canadian market. Could immigration be a reason?

The program will link immigrant entrepreneurs with the private sector organizations that have the experience and expertise with start-ups. This way the newcomers will have assistance in successfully navigating the Canadian business environment and they will blend in the Canadian environment with much ease.

Though there is a proposed limit of 2,750 applications per year under this program and this would run only for five years, still there are fair chances that with the successful implementation of the “start-up visa” the Canadian Immigration will see a much prosperous economy and may extend it further.

Mr. Kenney has indeed taken one right step after so many wrongs and it sure is commendable. Who knows the next “Steve Jobs” is Canadian?

Renu Goel
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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