Skilled Worker Stream

Employer-driven. Targets immigrants with skills in demand. You must have full-time, permanent job offer. Divided in to 3 categories: Skilled workers NOC skill level O, A or B, Semi – skilled workers NOC Skill level C + six months of work with Nova Scotia employer. Low Skilled workers NOC skill level D, worked for at least six months (LMO from Service Canada).

Family Business Worker Stream

Helps family-owned businesses to hire close relatives demonstrating skills not to be found in Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

International Graduate Stream

Employer-driven. Candidate must have graduated from a post-secondary program in Nova Scotia, be on a work permit and have a permanent full-time job offer.

Community Identified Stream

Community-driven. Selects those who have established connections to a Nova Scotia community.

Non-Dependent Child of Nova Scotia Nominees Stream

Non-dependent children of nominees who must meet minimum age, education and work experience requirements.

Agri-Food Sector Stream

  • 3 Years Experience in the past 5 years farm ownership
  • Net worth $150,000 CAD.
  • Other criteria to be met.