Provincial nominee programs in Canada

With over 50 streams available under the Provincial Nominee Program, selecting the appropriate option is not a simple process. Contact us for advices about your options.

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Prospective applicants are not always aware of all the available Options/Programs pertaining to each province in Canada. Moreover, interested applicants often fail to realize that with over 50 different programs, the PNP can be a gateway to many clients who may not have qualified under Canada’s Federal Skilled worker Category. Talk to one of our agent now.

Eleven different programs

By virtue of Article 8 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2002; most provinces have immigration agreements with the federal government enabling the provinces to create their own tailor-made programs in order to attract newcomers that intend to settle in a province or territory. These are known as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP’s).

There are eleven different Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada:

  1. Alberta,
  2. Manitoba,
  3. Newfoundland and Labrador,
  4. Ontario,
  5. Saskatchewan,
  6. British Columbia,
  7. New Brunswick,
  8. Nova Scotia,
  9. Prince Edward Island,
  10. Yukon and
  11. Northwest Territories.

Each one of them offers different streams and categories to apply, according to their needs and eligibility criteria.

With such vast information and details, selecting the appropriate option is not a simple process. This is why our consultants are here to explain to the client under which stream he/she qualifies for Canadian Permanent Residency. Please contact us for more details.

Provincial nominee programs for skilled workers

Every province has a program whereby an individual with a full-time job offer from an employer in the province can obtain permanent residency via one of the provincial nominee programs. The recruitment/hiring of foreign skilled workers will fill the labour shortages and have a positive impact on the economy. The gist behind PNP programs is that they open the door to Canadian Immigrants who may not have qualified under the FSW points-based system. It is noteworthy mentioning that provincial nominees are not assessed on the six selection factors of the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

Provincial nominee programs for business immigration

Similar to the provincial nominee programs for skilled workers, most provinces have immigration programs to attract business immigrants. This is considered economically viable due to the fact that some provinces offer lower net worth/investment thresholds, which could be more attractive than the current federal scheme.

Given the current backlog in the federal Immigration process, an application through one of the PNP’s is processed in a substantially shorter span of time. (See – Auditor General of Canada, 2009).

Overview of process

The process is as follows:

  1. Submit an application to a particular province.
  2. Successful/prospective Applicant will receive a provincial nomination certificate from the province.
  3. Application will be sent to the federal authorities undergo Medical/Background (Security) checks. Upon completion, the permanent residence visa is issued to the applicant.

Provincial Nominee Programs are constantly changing and expanding to accommodate newcomers. We possess genuine in-depth knowledge pertaining to PNP’s. Contact us for advices and to ensure you a smooth transition to Canada.