Recent Announcements: Mr. Kenney is waking up!

Finally, Mr. Kenney has started his journey on the right track. His recent announcements regarding refugee’s expenses, Kabaddi players and various religious singers are pretty applaudable.

By cutting down the medical expenses of refugees, 84 million dollars of taxpayers would be saved and can be contributed towards making Canadians lives better! It really was unfair on Canadians that they have to pay to get the medical coverage in Canada but the refugees get all sorts of benefits be it prescription medicine, eye exams, dental etc. Refugees do get work permits in Canada and just like every Canadian they too should pay for their own expenses.

Kenney’s other announcement to cut visas for Kabaddi players and religious singers will result in lesser number of refugee claims every year. Half of them enter into Canada with the sole intention of claiming refugee status in Canada. Thousands of dollars are exchanged between the candidate and facilitator to immigrate to Canada. This announcement will lead into curbing illegal people from getting into Canada to some extent and also lessen the burden on public that is spent annually in locating and prosecuting these illegal refugees who go underground most of the times.

Though immigration minister has taken many questionable decisions in the past but this indeed is a right step in overhauling the immigration system at some level. And truly it is been said that a small step taken each day leads to big accomplishments!

Renu Goel
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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