Recent changes made to the structure of immigration in Canada were long overdue

This question is one that presents as problematic for me simply because the answer I have to give is contrary to what I believe it should be. Born in Canada, I see my country as far more than a worthy country in which to live. In short, the answer is yes Canada is a worthy place to immigrate to, far too worthy!

We have been giving our country away inch by inch to foreign nationals who do not immigrate to Canada with the desire to assimilate but more a desire to transform our country into the country they just left, which they left incidentally, because it was too oppressive. I am not talking about all immigrants, many immigrants have played a vital and crucial role with respect to the development of our country and whose efforts have had a positive influence on our society.

I’m talking about the gang members, the drug dealers, the human traffickers who bring young women here on the promise of a new life in Canada and subject them to a life of prostitution. It does not seem to matter anymore what part of Canada you come from we have all born witness to the evolution of crime secondary to lack luster immigration policies that lack the back bone to get rid of these elements and send them back to the country from whence they came. We all pick up the paper on a daily basis and read with horror about the innocent nine year old, or the innocent college student who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and wound up catching a stray bullet, only to have a promising life cut short far before its time.

The perpetrators on the other hand are extended the luxury of awaiting trial here sometimes out on bail, then prolonging the process through appeal after appeal at great expense to the taxpayer, not to mention the grieving family members who have to relive the tragedies that snuffed the life out of their loved ones. Once all their judicial appeals have been exhausted and they do their time in a Canadian institution at further cost to the taxpayer, they are released but remain in Canada, for months, sometimes years, exhausting all avenues of appeal with Canada Immigration. Then we have to locate these individuals, who now go underground to avoid deportation and add further cost to the Canadian taxpayer.

Take for example the case of an individual arrested in Mississauga at a convenience store wanted for war crimes. What was he doing in Canada? Why did it take years to track him down? My personal feelings are that as a direct result of the lack of effective screening Canada will continue to remain high on the list of favourites for individuals who feel comfortable that they can cruise through immigration with little or no problem. They land here and create phony refugee claims every day by the hundreds and then play the humanitarian compassionate card after all appeals are exhausted.

Then the legitimate foreign entrepreneur comes knocking on the immigration door and is subjected to being turned away! Why? These are the individuals we want here! Why can’t we get it right?

Currently there are over 63,000 failed refugee claimants in Canada awaiting removal. Some of these individuals have been here for more than ten years! There are almost 40,000 of these individuals whose whereabouts in Canada is unknown! This is absolutely stunning to say the least. The undesirable miscreants seem to manage to manipulate the government to facilitate their own means and then when all else fails into hiding they go, while the ones we should be actively recruiting are being horribly mismanaged. I am hoping that recent changes to the Immigration structure will address these concerns however I am convinced that more education of the front line workers is warranted. There is no reasonable reason why Canada should remain an easy target for undesirable individuals. We need to set the bar higher. We can remain a free country if we choose to or we can allow ourselves to be victimized by groups that come to Canada not with the idea of assimilating but more with the idea of dominating or transforming Canada into what they think it should be. Whatever happened to the idea that it is enviable to live in a truly free country.

An example in Afghanistan women are struggling to get rid of the burka, while here they are in fighting to wear it. Only recently the burka was banned at citizenship proceedings. What other group of people could go around with masks on without being arrested? How do we in fact know if they are not men? I guess we don’t but we must remain tolerant, while other groups do not have to be tolerant they can insist that their rights are being violated! As for myself before you start to start to assume that I am a redneck bigot, I should inform you that I am Caucasian but my wife is Asian. We have eight children who have grown up to be respectful of both our cultures but neither culture was ever forced upon them. They have grown up to be a venerable blend of two cultures that have assimilated. Canada needs to set some hard and fast ground rules with respect to the quantity and quality of individuals we allow into our great country. We can afford to be selective. We can afford to be patient. As a country we have to be more vigilant of who we open our door to. One area we need to be more adroit in is the screening of foreign workers in Canada to ensure they can effectively communicate and their security clearances are more carefully scrutinized. Far too many of them come here with the idea that they will not leave at the end of the contracted time but will exhaust every possible avenue to remain here, at great expense to the government and the taxpayers.

In conclusion I submit that the world is constantly changing. We have fallen behind with respect to our vision of a diversified Canada. The recent changes made to the structure of immigration in Canada are welcome but long overdue and it is my fervent desire that we can move forward with alacrity with the hiring and training of more frontline personnel not only here in Canada but abroad as well.

Skilled workers. See:

Robert Robertson
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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