Reducing the backlog of the immigration applications in Canada

In the recent budget the Federal government announced that are cancelling the application for skilled worker categories who had applied before February 2008 and the reason is again backlog and they want to reduce the number of applications or row of applications. They have promised these applicants can reapply and the government will refund the fee which has been collected by the CIC. After this decision it is a hot issue and it is criticized by the applicants and the public but the federal government found out the way to solve of Canada’s eight-year-long 284,000 – applicant immigration backlog the simplest way to erased it.

The Ottawa has cancelled applications. It might been fairer for the government to sift through the waiting list for particularly worthy candidates, but the list had become so long that just starting over made a pragmatic sense. The government’s goal of creating a “fast and flexible economic immigration system” could never get off the ground as long as the enormous backlog existed.

There are compelling reasons for an overhaul that includes prioritizing younger immigrants with Canadian experience and knowledge of French and English. Canada’s employers have long complained of mismatch between available jobs and the skilled workers admitted under the current immigration point system. They are now also warning for a looming skills shortage in Canada. Meanwhile, recent immigrants who have arrived in Canada without knowing English or French or without job skills those are in demand. Are struggling financially.

On the other hand the applicants saying, “They are disturbed and they wasted their time because when someone apply for immigration he changed his focus and resources”. Their life direction is changed now and the government is not returning their fee with interest and the fee which they had given to the professional or to the consultants. Their life plan is totally messed up. The government reason for backlog is not enough to justify they can stop to take future application instead to cancelled the previous one because when someone enter in the row no one can come front of the row because this is the system and we all follow the rules first come first serve basis. Now it’s very hard to find out the way to settle the plan or for future plan.

A critically important area that still needs to be addressed is recognition of foreign credentials because we have educate people but their education is not recognised by Canadian standards we have to create a system where they can upgrade their skills. When someone apply under the point system we say “yes” when they beat the criteria when they enter in the system we say “NO”. So this is the loophole and we are seeking skilled young worker but the criteria is same.

But the government decision about cancelled the skilled worker applications that is sole base on economic factors because the role and skills of workers are changed since that time. The boom was on peak and economy was booming and right now its looming and if the government allow to all the applicants there will be a fold of people but will not enough jobs because of the credentials problem.

So far it’s a good step to reduce the backlog of the immigration applications in Canada. At least it will give a break for system and they will process the applications in proper time manners and it will help to reduce the burden of backlog.

Avtar Singh
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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