Selective Temporary Resident Permit by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration

Recently the department of citizenship and immigration is in the news again, but this time not for good reason. The reason for news is providing Conrad Black a temporary resident permit in Canada and the reason for news is that he being a foreign national is able to secured a permit to live in Canada even before completing his jail term in USA.

This is strange that a person in a jail in Florida, USA is able to secure a temporary resident permit while he was still in jail for fraud and obstruction of justice. He is considered as a former media baron and is in close circle with the ruling conservatives. This action of department of Citizenship and Immigration has provided more ammunition to the opposition and the immigration practitioners lobby. The opposition, immigration practitioners and consultants are already against the government and the minister of immigration in particular due to the various initiatives started in the past like Super Visa for parents and grandparents, Bill C-31, scrapping of long list of applicants who kept on waiting for ~ 8 years in federal skilled workers and applied before 2008, making language efficiency test for temporary foreign workers and even farm workers.

No doubt that Conrad Black has family ties in Canada as his wife is a Canadian citizen and so as his three children. He himself has spent significant part of his life in Canada. Many people think that he is not a danger to Canadian society unless he writes such bad article in local press, for which he is still working. But the immigration lawyers think that it is a matter of practice and preach. The minister preaches something different but practice it differently and now the government id denying any role in giving visa to Mr. Conrad Black and convincing the opposition that it is not a favouritism at their end as the decision was left to bureaucrats only.

The immigration lawyers are up in arms as they feel that how the government can prove that the applicant has rehabilitated when he is still in jail. Now the question is that there may be many of similar cases waiting for approval and till now the CIC has been rejecting those cases. Will this case be treated as the support while filing any case to the federal court or the CIC or this will be just pick and choose basis only.

The incident raws so much criticism that Mr. Harper has to deny all the charges leveled against him and his team members for any favouritism to Mr. Black.

Sanjiv Khanna
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


Globe and Mail news

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