Skilled Worker Backlog 10

The minister’s decision to scrap more than 280,000 files of federal skilled worker applicants, who have been waiting for years for a decision on their immigration files is seen both as good and bad by the people of Canada. The decision seems to be taken in haste and politically motivated. It was the government decision to invite applications from people with certain traits under the skilled category and these people had invested time, energy, money and hope for favourable decision in their cases. I personally know some cases, who have already undergone medicals and waited for over 8 years to immigrate to Canada. In fact they have lost much more than anticipated by the minister as the processing time was always updated on the net in their cases. They always had the hope that within next 5-6 months they will immigrate to Canada and with that hope some people have not married, made their houses and also ignored good jobs on the hope of change in their lives. But the minister has just washed their hopes in one statement.

Now the CIC also says that they want to concentrate on the skilled workers, who can fill holes in the country’s labour market. We understand that during these years the need of skill and expertise required in Canada has changed and the people who have applied prior to 2008 may not fit well and contribute to the economy of country. But on the other side if we pull out the data of immigrants under the skilled workmen category, we will see that the percentage of immigrant in their respective skill category is even less than 10% and there is no effort from the government to fit them in their area of expertise, so that they can exhibit their skill, suggest for up gradation and contribute in economy at the shortest length of time. Instead most of the new immigrants have to pass through a difficult phase of life. They just leave their country and lucrative jobs on the rosy picture painted on the website. This data is related to people immigrated under fast track categories applied after 2008.

In my opinion the ministry should revisit its decision and start reviewing the applications again. I am of the firm opinion that more than 30% applicants might have already changed their minds and no longer interested in immigration. Rest 30% may still be good and fit into the new immigration criteria under FSW. This will show that some thoughts have gone into decision and it will not be like “To eliminate a hurdle in life is just change your route”.

This also proves that either the decision of ministry to seek applications prior to 2008 was without proper homework and thoughts or same is true even with the current decision. It is the inability of the government to take such hasty decisions after good 8-10 years.

So the minister should again give a cool thought to his decision and by this he can still save the image of Canada as a country with fair and transparent immigration policy. He may also seek the advice of good reputed people in this field which may include social activist groups, immigration practitioners, lawyers and the media.

Sanjiv Khanna
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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