Some issues with Canadian immigration programs

As we know many people all around the world apply to be a part of Canada and gain their permanent residency status. Many apply through the Federal Skilled Worker System and many come as foreign temporary workers. The aim of this blog is to review the current Canadian immigration system and discuss how the CIC can operate in a better way in the selection of immigrants.

Issues On Canada Federal Skilled Immigration Stream

Let’s have a look at the current system. As we know on June 2011 CIC reduced the caps per occupations and almost destroyed the FSW stream. And total cap per occupation were limited to 500. As we know there were 29 qualifying occupations. Also on June 2012 all caps were reached. And now we are in a waiting process for the new qualifying occupations and their intakes. On early July 2012 we may expect the intake rules for the stream.

Current System

In order to qualify for a Canada Immigration Visa (Permanent Resident), Canadian Federal Skilled Worker applicants must:

  • Have at least one year of continuous full-time or equivalent paid work experience in the past 10 years in one of the 29 qualifying occupations; or
  • Qualify for Arranged Employment with a full-time permanent job offer from a Canadian employer; or
  • Have completed a PhD in Canada, or have completed two years of study in Canada towards a PhD, in both cases at a recognized institution.

In addition, Canada Federal Skilled Worker (Professional) applicants must attain at least 67 points based on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) immigration selection factors, and have at least one year continuous full-time or equivalent paid skilled work experience in the past 10 years.

The Canadian immigration selection factors are summarized as follows:

  • Education: Applicants are awarded up to 25 points.
  • Language Skills: Applicants are awarded up to 24 points.
  • Work Experience: Applicants are awarded up to 21 points for paid skilled work experience acquired in the last 10 years. A minimum of 15 points is required.
  • Age: Applicants are awarded up to 10 points.
  • Arranged Employment: Applicants are awarded up to 10 points.
  • Adaptability: Applicants are awarded up to 10 points.

What’s wrong in the FSW stream?

A. There shouldn’t be a cap per each qualifying occupation. Why?

Some occupation caps are reached so fast. For example occupations especially in engineering/ financial and health fields are not enough. No cap should be applied or the intakes must be increased for white collar occupations.

B. There should be a fair language benchmark evaluation for each occupation. Why?

Because you cannot expect a welder or a plumber to get a language score same as a doctor/engineer/economist. Occupations related to blue collar jobs require lower English/French skills. Lower language skills for blue collar jobs is a critic issue.

C. Higher work experience points for blue collar occupations. Why?

Canada needs more blue collar workers than white collar professionals. But it is almost impossible for a talented craftsperson to go to Canada as an immigrant. More points should be allowed for craftsperson/artisan skills.

Intake of Investor, Entrepreneurs and Self Employed Persons

Every year a high number of Business people all over the around world apply to become permanent residents. But except the investor intake the other federal business people streams are very weak and useless at the moment. I won’t discuss the Investor stream but I want to review the entrepreneur procedures and Self Employed Person Procedures.

Federal Entrepreneur Stream

As we know CIC suddenly stopped accepting applications for the federal entrepreneur Program. Why? Maybe to give more chances to provinces or there were too many applications received before July 2011. But CIC should reopen the entrepreneur program of Canada. Because there many entrepreneurs right now who can easily invest more than 300,000 CAD especially from China/Russia and Middle East. CIC must accept applications for the program and as a 2nd step of the process must deliver those applications to some provinces and let them to choose their own entrepreneurs from those applications.

Self Employed Person Program

Now let’s have a look at the current program.

The Self-Employed Persons Program seeks to attract applicants who intend and are able to become self-employed in Canada. Self-employed persons must have either:

  • relevant experience that will make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada or
  • experience in farm management and the intention and ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.
  • In order to qualify, applicant must first meet the definition of a self-employed person.
  • Applicant will then be assessed against five selection criteria and a point system. Applicant must obtain a minimum of 35 points if you want to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant.

Every step seems logical above but the processing times? And abroad applications are all made through the simplified way. And how many months does it take to
finalize a file? It takes at least 48 months. This is not acceptable CIC must let self-employed persons to apply through the regular way if they are outside Canada too.

Business people are more important than skilled workers. Because foreign investments are important Canada. And now Canada loses these people and these people are applying to invest in other countries that accept in an easier and shorter way.

The federal immigration system is currently destroyed and have no use. Provincial Immigration Programs are really working better. And Quebec Immigration Programs I must say Québec Government is working great and almost perfect.

The only issue I find on the provincial employer stream is the arranged employment problem. You cannot accept a prospect to find a job while he is outside Canada. Provinces must give a chance to the immigrant candidates who don’t have an arranged employment.

And on July 1st 2012 I’m hoping to find a better federal immigration stream process for both skilled worker and business people. And at the moment I only can pray for a faster decision mechanism and a fair intake process.

I hope this blog will help you to see the issues on the current Canadian federal immigration system.

Cem Devrim Turetken
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


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