Startup Visa in Canada : a new opportunity

Ever have a good idea but no financial backing? Or have a good idea and the financial backing up but lack the environmental surroundings to go full force and successfully implement the idea?

Canada has introduced many programs which allow individuals to enter Canada for work, visitor, or family reunification purposes and has not given much thought to investor and entrepreneur ventures until now. Canadian officials are now recognizing the importance of establishing itself as a key global economic player it must invest in foreign entrepreneurs who have the potential of growing businesses, creating jobs and long term prosperity.

The new startup visa introduced by the Canadian government allows local Canadian investors to seek out and motivate these individuals to immigrate to Canada with their innovative ideas. By overcoming the hurdles of obtaining a work permit and or securing a job to be allowed in Canada, entrepreneurs will be able to come set up, secure and establish a business in Canada without the red tape. If successful through the startup visa program the entrepreneurs will have already obtain all the necessary paperwork. This will allow them to focus on the development of their business, creating jobs and contributing to the Canadian economically and technologically.

Unfortunately, Canada has missed out on and now using this experience as a guideline to set up and establish this program. This program is being placed into a lime light by two individuals who start a company in Canada. They had the endorsements, previous accomplishments, and credible investors lined up however Canada was unsure what to do or how to handle this. The “Summify” had no issues arriving in Canada on a business visa but obtaining a work permit proved to be difficult. It’s shocking to know they were not allowed to work for their own business which created jobs, financially successful and not a burden on Canadian society. The business eventually moved to the United States.

If Canada misses the opportunity which is staring them in the face we will lose talent and many innovating ideas to the United States which will leave Canada in a vulnerable position and unable to maintain a stable competitive edge globally.

The US is typically known as a land of opportunities however Canada ranks high for quality of life, safety, security, healthcare, education and multi-cultural nation. Canada has the upper hand and now is the time for the government to be proactive and take the lead in making this program successful and attractive for entrepreneurs. If Canada can successfully implement the startup visa program we can become a global competitive, create jobs and a key player in new technology versus playing catch up.

Monica Kaura
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


Minister Kenney launches consultations for a new “start-up visa” for immigrant entrepreneurs

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