Student Partners Program for Chinese students in Canada

Student partner program

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The other day, when we drove by the Wonderland, my friend excitedly said that he would definitely take his cousin to the Wonderland for fun, who is recently accepted by an Ontario college and will study in Canada as an International student this August. And I cannot help think what a luck guy he is that he will not be so tortured to prepare his application as we did the Student Partners Program (SPP). It brought us back to the early beginning of 2000, when we were at the age so eager to see the world outside. To apply for a student visa into Canada was kinda like to buy lottery even though you already made great efforts to prepare all the tons of documents required and waited for a couple of months. And now the new generation just needs to wait for 5 business days and will not the result, and the result is 98% positive, sorta guaranteed, right?

Student Partners Program (SPP) is a fast track program that Canadian government has started for China in the early 2011 after the immense success of Student Partners Program (SPP) for India. SPP China enables the students to get the visa in 5 to 15 working days as compared to 45 working days in normal cases. Apart from that the student do not need to provide a large number of documents with the application. To be eligible for SPP China program a Chinese student should seek admission in one of colleges listed in Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC).

I am very glad for this new program happened for Canada in China. Canada was far behind such leaders as the United States, Britain and Australia as a destination choice for education. Actually, Chinese people were not familiar with this country until these couple of years. The number of international students from China has increased more than 300% in the last 10 years, and continues to rise. In 2009, nearly 50,000 students from China resided in Canada. That number grows rapidly thanks to the expansion of the student Partners Program (SPP).

“International students bring with them new ideas and experiences and contribute both financially and culturally to the communities and institutions where they study,” said Minister Kenney. “We look forward to welcoming more Chinese students to Canadian colleges in the years to come.”

In the year 2009, Chinese students in Canada have contributed around $6.5 billion dollars to Canada’s economy. The large population of these students leads to a very huge amount of expenditures. Their expenditures of Chinese students studying in Canada helps the country earn a huge amount of money. The value of Canada international education is even higher than the value of their top goods that are exported to China. Canada’s tourism industry also benefits from the students’ families and friends every time they visit. According to the data from the Roslyn Kunin & Associates Inc., two visitors go to Canada for every 10 international students. Also according to the said data, the average spending of Chinese tourists in 2009 was around $1,648.51.

The Canadian government is already planning to retain these students as immigrants to continue contributing to Canada’s economy. They can also be a solution to the expected labor shortage as the country’s population ages. The Canadian government believes that these students who are educated in Canada with Canadian work experience will be a better choice than any other skilled immigrants.

Meanwhile, I wish the government and the schools would make some efforts to protect the International students’ safety, prevent the tragedies which happened these two years.

Jolly Yin
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


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