Super Visa

This expedited visa process called the super Visa, it is designed for parents and grandparents of a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. Pending on the admissibility of the parents and/or the grandparents applying for the super Visa it is a fast and easy process, which we will explore in this Blog.

The accompanying grandparents and/or parents may have their spouse /common law accompany them to Canada.

Some of the factors a visa officer explores to decide the eligibility is as follows.

  • Must be a genuine visitor to Canada, and must leave Canada at the end of the visit.
  • Why are they visiting Canada?
  • Who are the families in Canada to the applicant and their finances?
  • The applicants ties to their home country.
  • The political and economic situation of the home country of the applicant.
  • An initiation is required from a Canadian or Permanent resident host.

After the grandparents and/or parents are found admissible they will have to provide a few extra items. The children or grandchildren inviting their parents/grandparents must commit to a certain number of financial supports during the visit. The minimum income starts at 22,637 for 1 person and for 2 persons it would be 28,182.

The applicants must provide proof of purchase of medical insurance of some type for at least 1 year, and complete an Immigration medical exam if your visit is over 6 months.

To submit an applicant you must use application IMM5257 found on the CIC website, a professional immigration consultant can assist to that effect. Applicants of supervise can request multiple entries for up to ten years in some cases.

Please note for parents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents that carry nationalities not requiring visas before entry, but can get one upon entry to Canada that wish to stay for an extended time, can also fill out the IMM5257 to stay for 2 years in Canada, along with the supported docs that are needed for the application.

When the application is approved successful applicants will present the letter mailed to them to the Canada border officer.

When assisting your parent or grandparent to come to Canada, you may need to assist in providing the letter of invitation for one, you must make sure you fill it out according to the CIC website guidelines and there are clear instructions on what the body of the letter will require, like name, dob, relationship, date of entry and exit, etc…

Another useful link is the specification of a photograph link, this may be helpful to print that page and present at your local passport photography store to print them to these specified measurements.

Just remember entering Canada is a privilege, if there is any false information given to the officer at the border even though everything was approved and you have a letter to enter Canada, the officer to their satisfaction may decide you are not eligible to enter Canada.

Ahmed Adbel Raouf Hatata
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


CIC Website
CIC Website – Super Visa

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