The problems of eliminating the skilled worker backlog

Lately on March 2012 Canadian Government announced that they will eliminate the skilled worker applications made before February 27, 2008. The reason for the wipeout by statements of the government is to create a fast and reliable immigration system. Government of Canada aims to eliminate the backlog and create jobs.

According to the Economic Action Plan 2012, Canada will refund fees and will close those all applications.

The solution brings many questions with itself and a few will be discussed below.

Is it fair to destroy the applicants dreams and hopes? Most important nothing will bring the time wasted especially is it fair to wipeout applications with a deducted refund?

Of course it is not fair. Those applicants used to wait for a long period of time and were dreaming to be a Canadian permanent resident. This will affect their lives, dreams , hopes and plans for the future. As we know since 2008 the occupational lists changed and there is a cap for each occupation and most of the immigrants won’t be able to re-apply again because of the hard requirements that is applied today’s federal skilled worker system.

Refund policy is totally funny. The government used those fees for 5-6 years. With a clever investment as we know a $500 CAD can easily be made $1000 CAD after 5 year. This means government used the fees to gain an interest. The government should refund the fees with its interest.

Problems for Immigrations Lawyers and Consultant. Will the applicants blame the lawyers & consultant? And will they go to the court?

Most immigration victims will blame Canadian immigration lawyers and Canada immigration consultants. And I am sure some of them will sue lawyers and consultants. Because many consultants and lawyers who doesn’t have a strong retainer agreements with the applicants will face the victims at court.

Is the wipeout carry a purposive act?

By destroying the FSW system and the trust to the immigration policy Canadian government may only think in future by just accepting investors and entrepreneurs via Provincial Nominee Program applications.

Economical Crisis in Europe – By eliminating wipeout Is Canada opening its gates only to White Anglo Saxons People (W.A.S.P.)?

As we know most European citizens do not need a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada and they can stay up to 6 months. 6 months is enough for a skilled worker to catch a job offer in Canada and work as a temporary worker. By eliminating the backlog Canadian Government might be thinking to fill the needed positions to get filled by W.A.S.P.

These are some questions probably most people thinks. But I have a simple questions do we need Skilled Workers? No, we do need skilled workers in fact we need financially strong international student, skilled temporary workers and investors & entrepreneurs. And my thought each province should select their own workers and investors and federal immigration applications should be stopped at least of two decades.

But probably Canadian Government would face international court orders via Human Rights Associations throughout the world. And this issue may destroy Canada’s reputation – dignity on the long run and for this we must thank to the Conservatives for their amazing proposal and decisions!

Cem Devrim Turetken
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku

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