Why Use a Canadian immigration consultant?

In this blog we talk about the role of Canadian immigration consultants and give detailed information about their duties and the rules that they have to obey ethically.

Who is an Immigration Consultant?

“Immigration Consultant” means a person who, for a fee, provides others with advice and direction on immigration related matters. (« consultant en immigration ») (1)


Immigration Consultant is a person who provides advice and services for clients regarding process in all areas and aspects of immigration.


An Immigration consultant means any person who is a member of the Council who is thereby authorized to represent, advise or consult with a person in respect of a proceeding or application before the Minister, an Officer, or the Board.

Duties of Canadian immigration consultants

An Immigration Consultant owes the Client a duty to be competent to perform any services undertaken on the Client’s behalf.

An Immigration Consultant should serve the Client in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner, and should provide a quality of service at least equal to that which Immigration Consultants generally would expect of a competent Immigration Consultant in a like situation.

An Immigration Consultant will keep his or her knowledge and skills up-to-date in compliance with Continuing Professional Development requirements established by the Council.

When advising Clients, a Canadian immigration Consultant must be both honest and candid.

An Immigration Consultant must advise the Client promptly and fully regarding any error or omission that has occurred in the matter for which an Immigration Consultant was retained, that is or may be damaging to the Client and cannot be readily corrected. The duty includes recommending that the Client seek independent advice regarding any rights that may arise out of the error or omission. An Immigration Consultant shall further advise the insurer promptly regarding any potential claim arising out of the matter.

An Immigration Consultant owes a duty to the Client to ensure the safekeeping of the Client’s property in accordance with the law and with the same care of such property as a careful and prudent owner would when dealing with property of like description.

The Canadian immigration process can be fairly complicated and time consuming, and for this reason a growing number of applicants use the services of a Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Purposes of Canadian immigration consultants

Protect persons who are seeking advice and direction on immigration-related matters; enhance the reputation of immigration consultants; and promote the practice of immigration consulting. (1)

Why Use an Immigration Consultant?

  1. They can save you time and money – they can advise you which is the most appropriate Visa to apply for given your specific circumstances and qualifications.
  2. They may give you a higher chance of success – they can assist you with completing the necessary documents correctly.
  3. They make it easier to apply – the Canadian Immigration Consultant can help you by managing the whole process – including keeping track of the progress of your application with the Immigration authorities.
  4. Obtaining a Visa may be quicker – using an Immigration Agent may reduce the number of weeks it takes for the Visa to be approved compared to if you were to complete it yourself – they know the system as they do it day in day out, and they may finish the preparation of your file in half the time that you may require to finish yourself.

These benefits must be weighed up with the additional costs of using an Immigration Consultant.

The Role of Immigration Consultants (from ICCRC website)

Once formally approved, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) will be able to provide their services to individuals seeking help to navigate immigration issues in Canada. This may include obtaining advice or assistance with permanent residence applications, temporary residence and visa applications, or refugee claims.

The Council will ensure RCICs are educated in our immigration laws and Canada’s immigration system and have learned to handle documents and forms appropriately. They will provide immigrants, hopeful visitors and habitants of Canada with help in properly submitting their applications and guide them through the various processes. (2)

On this block we tried to give detailed info about the duties, responsibilities and role of Canadian immigration consultant. For further information you can visit the ICCRC’s and CIC’S official websites.

Cem Devrim Turetken
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku



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