Yet to hear the last on deletion of skilled workers application

Several mails, newspaper editorials, opposition criticisms will not sway Minister Jason from pushing forward the proposed bill to cancel the application of skilled workers, pre February 27, 2008. I had earlier believed this action as an injustice to the thousands of applicants, who have emotionally prepared themselves for immigration to Canada.

The Minister’s attitude in my opinion seems to be saying “we have no apology, go to blazes”. Otherwise, the Minister ought to have re-visited the cancellation issue and make amends to the outright cancellation. By simply cancelling the application and “refunding application fees” even without financial interest on the amount paid, shows a high level of insensitivity.

Who again will believe any program from Canada?

This issue goes beyond immigration, as the integrity of Canada is at stake. I am therefore pleased that a Class action is been contemplated to fight this injustice, to fight this impunity, to restore the dignity and integrity of Canadian immigration policy. If the bill is eventually passed as an act of Parliament, the Court will definitely come to the rescue.

This promise to check application, and if qualified, be granted the permanent resident visa, and the promise broken by a mere deletion of application files by the CIC must be challenged in the court of competent jurisdiction, aside from the court of public opinion. I support this action.

Anthony Fajobi
Immigration Program Student at Ashton College
under the tutelage of Jose Godoy Toku


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